What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Let’s not kid ourselves, we like categories. Putting everything in neat little boxes of patterns, stereotypes and expectations. But do you ever do that when it comes to your own travel style? Have you ever thought about it in the first place? We are all unique little snow flakes and this does not only show in our quirks, random habits or topics of passion, it affects our life away from daily life as well. Some even say that’s when the real you comes out. Regardless, you are one of a kind but there are several kinds that I’ve seen popping up again and again. And unless you are travelling solo like me, you might want to have a think and chat with your travel buddy about this. You’d thank me afterwards. So here goes.


The Backpacker

The world is your book and you are about to doodle over all the pages in bold textmarkers and yolo hashtags. There is no adventure too bold, no hostel too grimy and no backpack too small to check your excitement and thrist for the big wide unknown. If that might be in Bali on a Full Moon party or on a deep dive in the Great Barrier Reef, you seek the novel and follow the heard, while occasional ly straying off the beaten path to experience a ‘life away from society’, which you abhor to death. After all, why did you come to the other end of the world to be reminded of cubicles and deadlines? The goon is calling!

The Glamper

You prefer top-notch but your budget is a secret hindrance. Never mind, you know how to carry your worn suitcase with grace and onto a bit classier terrain. Life’s too short to forgo on amenities when you know that beauty sleep and comfort is just as important to well-being as life-changing experiences. And one day you might buy that Gucci bag but until then, you accept the compromise to travel more because you are not a true material girl at heart.

The Hiker

No mountain is daunting enough for you, no height to dizzy and no path to winding for your taste. They are ultimately all just a path to happiness. Where nature is your backdrop, the wind your soundtrack and the sun all you need to release endorphins. When packing your bags, you would never even consider a suitcase, your backpack is your trusted travel buddy for all times. Plus, you wouldn’t need to pack as much anyway and cannot comprehend how tourists can cart around so much stuff! All you need are the hiking boots you have on, and clothes for a few days. You know how to live frugally and love every minute of it!

The Travelista/Trandy

Travel is as much a fashion statement as the shiny bracelet around your ankle. Peach pink lips, glossy hair and shaded by the latest dark tinted glasses, you are ready to be set loose on the world, spicing it up with a little glamour and awesomeness. You think the word ‘hostel’ harbours a grammatical mistake and spas are the place that mark your end of the trip after all the fancy car rides with an open roof, shopping strolls and cocktail happy hours on white verandahs. Life is for living and you enjoy the moment, especially when you can make it last on instagram and share your joy with your legion of tweeps.

The Holiday Diva

Beach, pools and cocktail bars are your calling. You have deserved a big holiday but worn out from all the hard work you prefer not to drain yourself with endless walking and picture snapping of places you can just get a google image from. You like to treat yourself and your idea of fun is to spend the mornings in bed, lunch time at the beach with a big slice of pizza or burritos, have drawn out tanning siestas and dance away the night under straw huts and palm trees. A little party hurt nobody and you know how to make the house rock. Go make the dance floor your own, dancing queen!

What did you score? Do you think it fits?

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It had to happen, after ditching the 9-5 for a prolonged break, Annemarie's wokaholic tendencies led her to start a daily blog about her adventures. Realising how much travel has helped rebuild her confidence and and general #GirlBoss-iness, Travel on the Brain released a book about her adventures in Down Under and New Zealand and creates quirky video series focusing on story telling in destinations around the globe.
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  1. Reply

    I got The Hiker! Spot on!

    1. Nice on! Where is your favourite hike ever?

      1. Reply

        Mount Kilimanjaro! What a feeling to reach the top! We took the Machame Route, it has beautiful and diversed landscapes. Amazing memories.

        1. No way! You’ve been up there?! How long did it take you? Did you do it in a travel group or something?

          1. We took the long route to do it in 7 days, as the more time you take, the higher chances you have to reach the summit.

            I did it with 4 friends. And staff to guide us, carry the equipment, the food, etc… so a group of 20 in total! (yes, 5 travelers for 15 staff!)

  2. A little bit of everything I think :D
    Great read, Annemarie :)

    1. Hi Judy! Thank you. So you’re an allrounder, are you?^^

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