The Secret of Travelling on with #TravelBrainster Aileen

Follow your dreams! One of such cases of amazing people who followed their heart into the big wide world of travel is Aileen from I Am Aileen. Already in her early twenties she had quit her 9-5 job and decided to shape life around to her wishes and travel dreams. Becoming a blogger turned entrepreneur, Aileen is an inspiration for all those that imagine a life on the road as a digital nomad and has one vital advice to share for those who want to give this lifestyle a go as well.

1) What is your best travel memory?

This is a tough question because almost all of the trips that I’ve had so far and the memories I’ve made along the way are equally memorable. Though if I really have to say just one… I guess it’s when I finally conquered my fear of heights by doing a tandem paragliding activity back when we (my boyfriend and I) were on a road trip in Europe. We stopped by this lovely little town in the French Alps called Annecy and after seeing numerous paragliders overhead, I had the crazy idea of doing it in order to challenge myself — I’m so glad I didn’t ‘chicken out’! Up to this day, I still have my fear of heights though but I like to defeat it, bit by bit. Next up on my list? Skydiving!

2) What is the strangest incident you have had during your travels?

I haven’t experienced a lot of strange incidents in my travels… but I did have a very awkward one. You see, though I sometimes travel alone or with friends, I mostly travel with Jonas (my boyfriend). But despite such fact, there have been times that I still find myself being a target of the opposite sex. And well… I find that extremely uncomfortable.

One time, we were dining in this restaurant in Belgium and as we left, I realized that I forgot one of my bags under our table. I quickly went back to the establishment to retrieve it and I was glad that the management took care of it. As one of the male staff handed it back to me, he lightly quipped, “Maybe the next time you leave something with us, it would be your cell number?”

I had to tell him that I have a boyfriend and he replied, “I know.” Right then and there, I badly wanted to punch him so that I could wipe the smirk off his face, but in the end, I chose to ignore his remark, curtly thanked him for securing my bag, and swiftly left.

I told Jonas about it and he laughed so much! I had to laugh too; but I guess, these days, I no longer know how to handle the ‘advances’ of other men and that it becomes more of an awkward thing if they still do it despite knowing that I already have a partner! Oh well… *laughs*

3) What’s the number one item on your bucket list?

Another tough question! I reaaaally find it hard to play favorites. Can I give you three? Because these 3 things are what I’m absolutely sure about and they are my ‘Triple A’ dream destinations: Africa, Antarctica, and the Arctic Circle! Why? You can see my post here that explains why I chose these three.

4) If you were stranded on an island, which one should it be?

Easy! My hometown, a veeery small island in the northernmost part of the Philippines: Batanes!

5) What is your secret travel tip?

For those who are planning to live a sustainable life of travel like I do, it’s always important to think long-term. Make it a point to create your own sense of security. There are surely a lot of jobs on the road that can keep you going for years, but it’s always important to think of your future. So while you’re on your adventure, try to prepare for the kind of profession or business that you want to set up. For instance, I have managed to make full use of my work as a digital nomad that it enabled me to set up my own online business today (named as Adalid Gear). It can be a fast process but most of the time it won’t, but for as long as you build your way there, everything will bear fruit. Good luck!

Aileen Adalid is a wild spirit from the Philippines who quit her corporate job at 21 to travel the world. Today, she is a digital nomad and entrepreneur living a sustainable travel lifestyle. She is also the mastermind behind ‘I am Aileen‘, a travel blog where she documents her adventures, thoughts, and experiences as she aims to inspire others to wander out more. Come and follow her updates around the globe on Facebook!

Her other channels: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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