The Top 25 Bali Waterfalls and How to Find Them + Free PDF

The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Banyumala Waterfall

I went on a Bali roadtrip from South to North to chase various Bali waterfalls and really got hooked! There is only a finite amount of waterfalls you can squeeze into one day so I will definitely add to my waterfall collection. If you need more inspiration for the best waterfalls in Bali (and some smaller ones), read on. Download the free guide to tick off your waterfalls.

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The top 25 Bali Waterfalls

Best Time to See Waterfalls in Bali

Bali experiences two seasons throughout the year. Dry season (May-October) and wet season (November to April). During dry season, your chance of seeing rushing waterfalls is reduced and waterfalls can look a little murky after rainfall, especially if they get their water from rivers.

How to Get around between Bali Waterfalls

By Car

If you plan on renting a car, it’s easiest to arrange that prior to your trip so you can just pick it up at the airport. Just use an internationally renowned service like Sixt. Driving around Bali isn’t particularly challenging though some of the roads can get rather bumpy and windy.

What you do need to watch out for are the countless scooters zipping inbetween and around the cars. Plus, because roads are rather small, cars jam the road often, resulting in slow traffic. Calculate in quite a bit of extra time if you are driving.

The same goes for taxis. If you decide on using a taxi, choose either Go-Jek or the Blue Taksi. Both can be called through the app. Try not to hail them from the street as you might end up with a scammer. There are blue taxis that pretend to belong to the official fleet but they charge more.

The top 25 Bali Waterfalls
Danau Buyan

By Scooter

You can rent scooters at nearly every corner. Yet again though, you should only rent from trusted vendors. Ask at your repecption or a local friend for recommendations. Scooters cost between 600,000 and 1,000,000 IDR per month. For the day, you can expect prices around 60,000 IDR.

Double check if the brakes work and the tires are firm. Don’t forget to refuel after you rent it. The tank is usually pretty low. Refuelling can be done at official petrol stations or at local vendors along the streets. You can spot them with the blue and red “Pentamini” gas pumps and the rows of clear liquid bottles. Those are petrol too.

It’s a tad more expensive because the local vendors want to make a profit off of it and at times might be stretched. However, you can help local shops out this way too and they are convenient and can be found everywhere.

Always wear a helmet and bring your international drivers licence because police like to check tourists. Even so, they might find something to reprimand and will issue a fine. Stay calm and have a separate wallet with a little extra cash, like 100.000 IDR and say that’s all you have. Otherwise you might have to empty the entire wallet.

The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Banyumala Waterfall
Banyumala Waterfalls

By Tour

Plenty of lesser known and famous waterfalls in Bali over multiple day trips, ideally you want to combine a few during each trip. They are impressive and well worth a visit but just to see one would be waste.

You could for instance aim for falls that are really close together like Aling Aling, Git Git and Jembongan or the falls around Sekumpul.

If you aren’t a confident driver or want the hassle taken out of organizing routes, trying to scout lesser known locations and finding good spots to eat, a tour is a great idea. You can find local drivers offering various rates for a few hours of driving you to your favourite locations.

Facebook groups are a good way to find them and compare prices. Alternatively, if you really can’t be bothered and just want that epic trip with the best Bali waterfall locations, try one of the following tours I handpicked for you:

The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Banyumala Waterfall

Top 7 Items to Pack

  1. Travel insurance – Wherever you go, you need travel insurance. Even though Bali has rather affordable health care if you do end up in a nasty accident (and scooter accidents are rather common), you need your bases covered. You could end up with thousands of dollars in pay for hospital and surgery fees if you’re unlucky. It’s better to be safe than sorry and travel insurance like WorldNomads also includes insurance of your luggage and flights.
  2. Travel guides – Nowadays Bali is quite the touristic place and a lot of ground has been coverd. However, with so many new shops opening on the daily, it’s good to have a guide with you to help you with the main attractions, hotels and restaurants as a starting point. Plus, a Bali travel guide will contain helpful information on history, culture and local phrases.
  3. Sarong – You can buy these in local markets but if you want to come prepared rightaway, bring one yourself. Sarongs are multipurpose wonders. You can (and should) wear them for entering temples to cover your knees. You can wear them as an overthrow after swimming in the ocean and to cover up your swimwear. (Bal is a conservative country.) And you can sit on it while driving a scooter. Otherwise you might get skin irritation from the hot plastic seat.
  4. Poncho – During rainy season, waterfalls in Bali are so much more impressive. But when rain comes down, it pours heavy. So come prepared with a sturdy poncho that preferably also has reflectors on it in case you are on a scooter. Ponchos sold in local shops seem to smell really bad after getting wet and not drying properly. So I prefer bringing my own.

The top 25 Bali Waterfalls

  1. Wifi hotspot – You can buy local sim cards at various stalls along main shopping streets but prices differ quite a lot and you might be travelling onwards as well. I usually just take my worldwide portable wifi hotspot with me and activate it for days I need it. (It works in a myriad of countries, too.) Plenty of cafes in Bali have wifi but if you drive around, you will need to listen to your Google Maps GPS and that requires a good wifi connection.
  2. Insect repellent – Wherever there is water and humidity, mosquitoes aren’t far. It can get quite buggy, especially after rainy season. So bring your insect repellent with you and spray yourself before and during your Bali waterfall trip. Local stores, minimarkets and pharmacies all stock insect repellent. However, if you are a true mosquito magnet like I am, I recommend bringing a stronger insect repellent spray from home.
  3. Cash – If you can, get Indonesian Rupiah from your bank at home before your trip to avoid having to use your credit card as much as possible. Credit card skimming is a common scam, so make sure you are using a well monitored ATM, have your card in a RFID proof wallet or sleeve and pay in cash. Many places don’t accept credit cards or have a minimum threshold anyway. Plus, sometimes when you pay by card, the price magically increases (for instance at pharmacies). Always double check the receipt.
The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Banyumala Waterfall
Banyumala Waterfall

Bali Waterfalls in the North

  1. Sekumpul Waterfall

  2. One of the most stunning and largest waterfalls in Northern Bali, Sekumpul Waterfall is actually made up of various waterfalls. Some say it’s 7 waterfalls, others count 8. Whatever it is, Niagara Sekumpul Waterfall is 80m high and you can take a refreshing dip down in its pool.

    The falls are running throughout the entire year, so you don’t have to worry whether to come during rainy or dry season. (The water might just be a bit murky after rainfall.) The Entrance fee is 20,000 IDR but if you travel in a group, you might be able to negotiate it down.

    Address: Sekumpul, Sawan, Lemukih, Sawan, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81171

    Read this too: How to Get to Sekumpul Waterfall

    The Niagara Sekumpul Waterfall is 80m high
    Niagara Sekumpul Waterfall
  3. Terjun Fiji Waterfall

  4. One of the waterfalls near Sekumpul is Air Fiji. It is a little smaller but still very stunning. Keep your ticket from the southern entrance to be able to enter the small and easy hiking path towards it.

    The path will guide you along the small river stream, which already during our visit in dry season occasionally flooded the path. Be extra careful in wet season. It might be a good idea to come with a guide during that time.

    Address: Lemukih, Sawan, Lemukih, Sawan, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81171

    Book here: Private Tour to Sekumpul Waterfall and Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

    Fiji waterfall near Sekumpul Waterfall
    Fiji Waterfall
  5. Grombong Waterfall

  6. Grombong Waterfall isn’t all that but it sits right next to the south entrance for Sekumpul Waterfall and you might as well check it out.

    You can sit in its small pool and unlike Sekumpul and Fiji waterfall, it’s easy to get there. No slippery rocks or tricky paths. Plus, there si a pretty marvelous view over the tropical valley.

    Address: Village,, Lemukih, Sawan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81171

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Grombong Waterfall
    Grombong Waterfall
  7. Git Git Waterfall

  8. Git Git Waterfall in Bali is actually a Twin Waterfall. As it is so popular, you can easily access it from the road and makes for a good trip from Lovina or Singaraja. What makes Git Git such a sought after destination are its bridge walkway and the refreshing pools.

    Here’s a little warning for those who believe in old tales: If you bathe in Gigit Bali together with your partner, legend has it that you will separate soon.

    Address: Gitgit, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81161

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Git Git
    Git Git Waterfall, photo credit: Rainhard Findling, cropped
  9. Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall

  10. Challenging Sekumpul in terms of beauty, Banyu Wana however, is still not quite as well known. Visit while the crowds are still away!

    Don’t forget to include Bhuana Sari falls as well. They are technically part of Banyu Wana and similarly cascade or trickle (depending on the water levels) down the rockface. The entrance fee is 10,000 IDR.

    Address: Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81161

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Air terjun Nyarai
    Air Terjun Nyarai, photo credit: De nevada, cropped
  11. Pucak Manik Waterfall

  12. Pucak Manik Waterfall is one of the more secret waterfalls in Bali and really pretty thanks to its three point falls. It might not be the highest or widest waterfall but you can stand in its pools before the fall continues downward. The waterfall sits right in the middle of lush tropical vegetation and you have to follow an (easy) trail down to the fresh water falls.

    The attraction is currently made to be more accessible with a new bridge. Entrance is 15,000 IDR and you can combine it with a visit to both Banyu Wana Amertha and Banyumala Waterfalls.

    Address: Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81161

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls
    Pucak Manik Waterfall, photo credit: scrtoomey, cropped
  13. Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

  14. These falls MUST go on your Bali waterfall bucketlist. The Banyumala Twin Waterfalls are truly one of the prettiest I’ve seen, easy to reach and weren’t crowded at all. The twin waterfall price is 15,000 IDR.

    There is a little rock poking out of the fresh water pool between the two falls. So if you want to do some impromptu yoga or fashion shoot, this is your chance! Don’t forget your waterproof action cam.

    Address: Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81161

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Banyumala Waterfall
    Banyumala Twin Waterfalls
  15. Terjun Yeh Mampeh

  16. Buleleng easily has at least 35 waterfall spots. Among these, Terjun Yeh Mampeh stands out. After all, it is one of the tallest and biggest waterfalls in Bali at 30 metres. Entrance is 2,500 IDR.

    The Balinese waterfall is located near the village of Les and its name means “flying water”. It is located right in the jungle and takes around 20 minutes to walk from the edge of Les Village. If you have trouble finding it and pronouncing its name, ask for Les waterfall.

    Address: Buleleng, Les, Tejakula, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81173

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls

  17. Jembong Waterfall, Ambengan

  18. Jemongan is close to Ambengan Village and less than an hour drive away from Lovina Beach. Getting to Jembongan waterfall is easy as the roads are good and the path to the waterfall short and uphill instead of leading down into a valley.

    The waterfall isn’t very touristy so you might be lucky and have it all to yourself (except maybe a few locals.) Entry is 10,000 IDR.

    Address: Unnamed Rd 81161 Indonesia, Ambengan, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161

  19. Aling Aling Waterfall

  20. The Aling Aling waterfall in Bali lies pretty close to both Jembongan and Git Git Waterfall. It’s only 11km from Bali’s formar capital Singaraja. What makes A unique trait of Aling Aling waterfall are its two falls that go at various speeds from a height of 35 metres.

    To get there, put on your hiking shoes and follow the steep hiking trail down. As a reward, you can actually use the fall as a waterslide.

    Address: Air Terjun Nungnung, Belok/Sidan, Petang, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls
    Aling Aling Waterfall, photo credit: Dleex07, cropped
  21. Singsing Waterfall

  22. Quite different than Aling Aling, the Singsing waterfalls are absolutely charming and said to be the most romantic of all the waterfalls in Bali.

    To get to the Sing Sing waterfalls, you have to conquer only a short walk and easy climb. Note that during dry season, the waterfall might be nearly dried out if it hasn’t rained in a while.

    Address: Tigawasa, Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81152

  23. Munduk and Melanting Waterfalls

  24. The region of and around Munduk has some of the most amazing waterfalls in Bali. So why not visit the waterfall of the same name? From the main road, you only have to walk 300 metres along a tranquil forest trail. The stairs back up are pretty steep.

    You can’t bathe at Munduk Waterfall as it is too shallow. Beware that during rainy season, the path to Melanting Waterfall gets muddy. You have the best view over that fall from the bridge. Entrance is 15,000 IDR.

    Address: Jl Raya Munduk, Desa Munduk, Banjar, Buleleng, Munduk, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Munduk
    Munduk Waterfall, photo credit: Andreia, cropped

    Bali Waterfalls in the Centre

  25. Air Terjun Nungnung

  26. Nungnung waterfall is located 900 metres above sea level and rushes down 50 metres. It is truly impressive and rewards you with a very nice waterpool for a refreshing swim. You need that though because walking down (and then later up) the over 500 wonky stone steps poses a challenge. But it’s worth it.

    There is a carpark outside of Nungnung village and the waterfall entrance is 3,000 IDR.

    Address: Air Terjun Nungnung, Belok/Sidan, Petang, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls -Air terjun nungnung
    Air Terjun Nungnung, photo credit: Suranegara88, cropped
  27. Blemantung Waterfall

  28. A little less than two hours from Nungnung Waterfall lies Blemantung Waterfall (also sometimes spelled Blahmantung waterfall). Even in peak season, it a secret waterfall in North Bali. It’s not the biggest and it’s a bit of a challenge getting there, but so worth it.

    If you are adventurous you can bike all the way down the small path to the waterfall. From the main street it’s a little under 2km to get there. Stick to the smaller, left road when you reach the crossroads halfway through. Walk during rainy season as the path can turn slippery and muddy.

    Address: Pujungan, Pupuan, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82163

  29. Carat Waterfalls

  30. Air Terjun Carat is absolutely stunning. Out of its two waterfalls, the highest is 20 metres. The smaller one can be reached via steps down towards the pools. For the other, there isn’t a path (yet). Note that the hiking trail up to the stairs is rather tricky.

    There is a legend around Carat Waterfall that says it’s haunted and you will get your piece of it if you dare say anything bad about this place.

    Address: Bontihing, Kubutambahan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81172

    Bali Waterfalls in the South

  31. Peguyangan Waterfall

  32. On the picturesque island of Nusa Penida, just off of Bali, you can find a hidden waterfall as well. Peguyangan Waterfall is by far not massive and instead more like cascades and mini fountains. It does go all the way into the ocean, which looks rather impressive.

    You can even descend down the ravine on blue metal stairs. (If you don’t have vertigo.) Really wear proper footwear for this and avoid if it has recently rained as the over 400 stairs can get slippery. At the end of the descend, you can take a dip in the pools overlooking the ocean.

    Address: Nusa Penida, Batukandik, Nusapenida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80771

    Read this too: What to Know Before Your Nusa Penida Trip

  33. Tegenungan Waterfall

  34. Unlike many other Bali waterfalls, Tegenungan Waterfall near Ubud is not a slim fall but a wide and heavy one that gushes over the cliff.

    From Denpasar or Ubud, it only takes 30 minutes to get there. Plus, it isn’t even located in the mountains. Still, you need to take the stone steps down to the waterfall to get there. Entrance fee is 15,000 IDR.

    Address: Jalan Ir. Sutami, Kemenuh, Sukawati, Kemenuh, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80581

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Tegenungan Waterfall
    Tegenungan Waterfall, photo credit: Michelle Maria
  35. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

  36. Again, this waterfall isn’t a big gush of water but more a cascading stream of water. This means that during dry season Kanto Lampo Waterfall in Bali is not really worth a visit as it is a seasonal waterfall.

    The water is clear and you can swim in the pools. At the entrance you pay 10,000 IDR and then walk down to Kanto Lampo Waterfall.

    Address: Beng, Gianyar Sub-District, Gianyar, Bali 80513

  37. Tibumana Waterfall

  38. Set in wild nature, this fall is a local gem and less visited than other waterfalls. Depending on the amount of water, the fall splits into two and is believed to be a secret gateway to a temple.

    The falls are 20 metres high and fall into a shallow pool. Meaning, you can’t swim here. The entrance fee for Tibumana is 10,000 IDR.

    Address: Jalan Desa Apuan, Apuan, Susut, Apuan, Susut, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80661

  39. Pengempu Waterfall

  40. Also known as Cau Blayu Waterfall due to its location in Cau Blayu, Pengempu Waterfall mostly runs quite under the regular tourist radar. It’s only about 40km away from Denpasar and 20 metres in height.

    The walk to the falls is quite smooth as you just have to descend stairs, so it’s already well laid out. For detailed driving instructions, see this blog.

    Address: Unnamed Rd,, Cau Belayu, Marga, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82181

  41. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

  42. Just 30 km from the city, Tukad Cepung Waterfall is one of the few off-the-beaten path waterfalls in Ubud. This waterfall can only be accessed by walking down the stairs of the cliff from which the fall springs.

    You really have to walk into the cliff to truly see it the jungle waterfall’s full splendor. It’s very much unlike the other, more exposed waterfalls. Beware that during rainy season it can get dangerous. Never visit during monsoons. Find more detailed information here. Entrance is 10,000 IDR, parking is free.

    Address: Jl. Tembuku, Dusun Penida Kelod, Tembuku, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80671

  43. Sade Waterfall

  44. Another waterfall in South Bali that is under the radar of most tourists is Sade Waterfall in Blimbing. There is parking from where it is only 2km to the falls. You have to go down stairs to reach it.

    You can combine your visit with the picturesque Blimbing rice fields and nearby Tibu Pangseg Malem Waterfall.

    Address: Belimbing, Pupuan, Tabanan Regency

  45. Tibu Pangseg Malem Waterfall

  46. Rock climbers will ove this place as you can really explore nature and get your climb on. Plus, there is the chance to swim in the pool below the waterfall.

    The waterfall itself isn’t the biggest but pretty with cascading streams over rocks and surrounding lush foliage. Super instagrammable!

    You can combine your visit with the picturesque Blimbing rice fields and nearby Tibu Pangseg Malem Waterfall.

    Address: Angkah, West Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82163

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls

  47. Tibu Kentenan Waterfall

  48. I am including the smaller Tibu Kentenan Waterfall as it is close to both Sade Waterfall and Tibu Pangseg Malem Waterfall.

    A trip to all three is perfect if you are staying in Canggu and don’t want to make it to the North or Ubud.

    Address: Mundeh Kangin, West Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82162

    The top 25 Bali Waterfalls

  49. Kedungu Waterfall

  50. I discovered this waterfall mostly by chance. It is just a little north of Tanah Lot near Canggu and can only really be seen if you take a shortcut through the rice fields just before turning off to Kedungu Beach (go through the gates).

    It isn’t by far as impressive as any of the other waterfalls but the view from here over the ocean and surorunding beaches is very pleasant. Plus, it’s the only beach besides Peguyangan Waterfall (on this list) to the ocean. Just now that during dry season it is a mere trickle.

    Address: Mundeh Kangin, West Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82162

The top 25 Bali Waterfalls - Kedungu Beach Waterfall
Kedungu Beach Waterfall

Is Visiting the Bali Waterfalls Worth It?

100% yes! That being said, you really shouldn’t just pick the best one, make it a day trip or two. Some of the falls are super close together, others a little further apart but each is so beautiful, you have to see multiple to really make the trip into the jungle absolutely worth it.

You can plan your own scooter trip to the various multi or twin waterfalls in Bali or book a Bali waterfall tour for comfort. Getting to the waterfalls will lead you to some of the most scenic and best hikes in Bali. Just don’t expect proper jungle trekking as they are mostly pretty much laid out. Instead, you will get the best Bali waterfalls. That’s something.

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The top 25 Bali Waterfalls

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    What a great Blog!
    I am a Photographer and Waterfalls are top of the list!
    I am going to Bali for the first time this December and then back to Angkor Wat for more pics.

    I am hoping I can make it to the majority of the waterfalls, I have a bad back from an accident so the ones with 100’s of steps might have to be avoided.

    Your Pics are great, you take them?

    I am staying in the Seminyak area this first trip, looks like there is more to see and do. Next year it is looking like I might focus on the North, I like mostly Landscape and Nature Photography.

    Keep up the great work and never loose your Passion for exploration!

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      Hi John, thanks for your long comment. Sounds like you got an epic adventure planned! Unfortuntately, there aren’t really any cool waterfalls around Seminyak. They are all up North. But you are travelling in rainy season, so they all look much more impressive. ;)
      I took some of the pics, not all of them. I hope to see more and more of these waterfalls in the near future and replace the photos with my own. I took all the photos of Sekumpul Waterfall though. I have some more posts with lots more tips on Bali.
      England is like my second home but not my native country. I am currently nomadic.
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