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15 Questions Travel Bloggers Hate with a Passion

Travel bloggers seem to be a kind of enigma. That doesn’t mean you can start an interrogation. Here are 15 questions travel bloggers absolutely cannot hear anymore because they get asked every single day. Trust me, it would annoy you, too. 1. Are you running away from something? via Youtube I follow my heart where […]


Bestest Wellington

Everything about it was good. Barbara Anderson – The Girls It seems like I have to make a decision now. Which city do I like best: Rotorua or Wellington? After all, New Zealand’s capital is simply great. Take for instance a comparison with Auckland: Auckland is big, hilly and boring, while Wellington is higher, surrounded […]


Rotten Eggs, Ziplining in Rotorua and a Real Maori Village (All Good Reasons to Visit)

The Maori village of Wakarewarewa in Rotorua

Call me adrenaline junkie (which I am usually far from) because I went for a walk up in the trees and climbed a wall, both about 20 metres in height, in Rotoura in one day. I am mighty proud of myself after this.