20 Instagram Accounts To Take You Back to Your Summer Holidays

20 Instagram Accounts To Take You Back to Your Summer Holidays

Are you sad that your summer holidays are over? Or do you have some last minute tropical getaways planned? This winter, I will do things a little differently and spend Christmas on a Portuguese island and NYE in Lisbon! I am so excited but this doesn’t keep my body as warm as kit should be (Whoever said that ‘warm thoughts’ actually work?!). So I am currently obsessively scrolling through my instagramfeed to at least take my imagination to warmer places. Here are the best instagram ladies out there to fulfill your summer holiday dreams.

20 Instagram Accounts To Take You Back to Your Summer Holidays

@taramilktea Tara’s feed is always a great idea to scroll through – but don’t do it when you haven’t eaten. She is a master of food porn and dreamy pictures. I bow down daily to her flatlay skills. This girl has golden insta hands.

n Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea) am

@scarlett.delatorre Scarlett must be a mermaid, her feed is so full of her outstanding diving skills. It looks so easy! I’d drown like a duck. If you need a daily dose of paradise water and tropical beaches, you should check it out as well.

@theblondeabroad Kiersten seriously makes it look so easy. Jetsetting the world to luxurious places, looking fabulous and having an awesome time. She is on the road a lot and her instagram is droolworthy, don’t you agree?

@karen_farber Karen has an incredible laid back and yet effortlessly chic style in her feed. And her casual strolls through romantic European backstreets will give you last-days-of-summer vibes.

Katie shows off breathtaking images with soft colours that will make you google map the way to the nearest beach. Plus, you won’t get sand stuck everywhere. It’s perfect!

@glographics Homegirl Gloria is currently travelling South America and you can bet she is having a blast and bringing you all the warm smiles the lovely people give her. Who wouldn’t? She seems to be always happy and so curious to learn more about the local culture everywhere she goes.

@nastasiaspassport Nastasia has founded a vivid female community around her travels and is such an inspiration. She is proof that determination and a strong will will make your dreams come true!

@mylifesatravelmovie If you haven’t seen my blogger friend Alyssa’s insta account yet, have you even filled your feed with travel inspiration? She is currently taking off big time with trips throughout Asia, America and now the Middle East. Plus, sheÄ’s a real pro at taking gopro selfies.

@yogawinetravel I am rubbish at yoga but this feed gives me the urge to give it another try. I already travel but to combine that with yoga for one-of-a-kind travel photos and to stay fit sounds like a dream. And a lot of work. So kudos to Flo and her impressive yoga skills and her summer holidays vibe!

Yogawinetravel.com (@yogawinetravel) am

@thetiafox Melanie’s isntagram account seems to be straight out of a Hollywood movie! Soft white tones, rooftop views and cocktails are just a part of her jetset life.

@janetnewenham Janet has taken upon thge big task of travelling from Ireland all the way down to Cape Town without using planes. Her crazy adventures make their way to her blog but to follow her live, check out her instagram.

@fulltimewanderess Sjana has some serious colour explosion going on in her feed. If you are hard pressed to choose a destination, this instagram account won’t make it easier because every place she has been to looks just too gorgeous not to put on your bucketlist.

@farfeluetravel Faye currently explores the British countryside and I couldn’t be any more jealous. At least I get to see Britain through her eyes. I’ll be back but until then I am insta stalking her feed.

Faye (@farfeluetravel) am

@taylor_fuller Taylor is taking you across the world one country at a time. Her pictures are always so colourful and make you want to buy an airplane ticket rightaway. At least that’s the case for me.

@melissa.larissa For taking a dip in tropical jungles and dreaming of doing the same.

@alienchrisblog From the Alps to NYC, this girl sure has been all over the place. Chris radiates such energy and happiness, it’s always fun to scroll through her feed.

Christine Wedberg (@alienchrisblog) am

@nomadicfare I absolutely adore Wendy’s quirky account with seriously unique selfies and a stunning eye for detail. Especialy this shot reminded me so much of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video, I just had to pick it.

Wendy | Nomadic Fare (@nomadicfare) am

@marinacomes I got serious tropics envy when I saw Marina’s latest photos. Those white beaches and crystal clear waters! Check out her feed for constant travel inspiration.

MARINA (@marinacomes) am

@hippieinheelsblog The Middle East is high on my list of regions to travel to and I am currently doting on Rachel’s feed of blue houses in Morocca and adventures in Israel.

BONUS: @travelonthebrain Of course you shouldn’t forget about my account either, where I am taking you to places all over the world. From tropical beaches to lush jungles and soon European island life, I’d love to read your comments. Let’S talk travel!

Where have you spent your summer holidays? Or do you still have some plans to escape to warmer regions this year?

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