The Top 10 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo You Can’t Miss

Tokyo's Cherry Blossoms 3

So I missed it by a day, but that does not mean that I completely failed my mission of chasing down the sakura and doing some cherry blossom watching. I located the best places to admire the splendour of the hundreds and thousands of cherry trees in full bloom. If you ever get to Tokyo during that time, make sure you visit these and leave out the others if you’re pressed for time.

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The Top 10 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo You Can't Miss
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Ueno Park

Here, the cherry blossoms (Japanese sakura) were one of the first to explode along the park walks and made for a magical scene, tinting everything pink. It surely helped with the atmosphere that the park’s Starbucks covered everything in flower stickers and fake sakuras and Japanese sakura lanterns illuminated the canopies at night. Therefore, even if you missed the sunny afternoon bento picnic, you can still enjoy a nightly walk with the blue night dotted pink and have some grand cherry blossom watching.

Best Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in Tokyo

Asakusa River Walk

Just a little off of Ueno, Asakusa has not only the world’s highest tower on offer but a river promenade that makes every spring lover’s heart rejoice and your cherry blossom watching afternoon perfect. Flower beds are radiating the brightest colours while the cherry blossoms seem to tint everything pink. And glimpsing the Skytree tower between the dancing branches makes for the perfect photographic souvenirs.

Best Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in TokyoBest Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in Tokyo

Imperial Palace, North

I went to the Imperial Palace, thinking it would boast a range of spectacular cherry blossoms within its mighty walls. There were some but posed not a very impressive sight. Faintly remembering an online recommendation I walked towards the Northern parts and found both a beautiful temple with a city-appropriate cherry forest but the moats covered in low hanging trees, full of eager buds of pink. Make sure you come here when they are fully open and you will even see a spectacle of boats bouncing on the tranquil waters in the waters.

Best Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in Tokyo

Roppongi Hills Streets

This one does not refer to the shopping centre. There were only spring flowers, but walking from it to the subway station showed me streets lined with pink trees and made for some convenient cherry blossom watching. Also, you can do some shopping or dining out while you are parading underneath the epic canopies. It is not the best place to view the blossoms but one of the best with typical city setting. Especially if you’re a “Gossip Girl”-style fashionista because Roppongi Hills has a lot of designer and high class restaurants.

Best Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in TokyoBest Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in Tokyo

Places not really worth Checking out for Cherry Blossom Watching

  • Shinjuku Parks
  • Harajuku

On my tourist map that specifically marked blooming cherry trees these two districts failed to impress. I Just a handful of trees could be spotted and I hope that was just because they were late bloomers. Come here for shopping and bustling city and night life instead. Nature you will find somewhere else.

Jawdropping Cherry Blossom Parks

Places I missed but were highly recommended

  • Chidou-ga-Fuchi
  • Tokihira daira
  • Hakone
  • Nikko

I haven’t been here but from the tales I’ve heard and the pictures I’ve seen these must be stunning, too. Plus, they are not too well known with tourists and a little outside of Tokyo and there should still be space for a blanket or two for the ultimate sakura picnic for your cherry blossom watching.

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The next time you happen to be in Tokyo during cherry blossom season, which is around the last week of March and the first of April, you know where to go and where to skip out on when it comes to sakura.

Do you maybe have other places? Or different experiences? Don’t keep quiet, tell me below.

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  2. I love the cherry blossom season in Japan! Your post is the perfect guide for spotting Sakura in Tokyo ;-) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jess, happy to hear from you. It is my first time at the cherry blossom viewings in Japan and I am super happy I am able to experience it. It is absolutely beautiful and Tokyo has some really nice places. I am glad you like my list. Happy Easter to you! Where are you celebrating?

    • jeanette
    • 07/05/2015

    Hi Anne Marie, Love the photos of Korea and Japan, bought back happy memories for me of Japan and so cute the monkeys. I wondered what Korea would be like so thanks for the info
    as you can have a stop over there if you fly with Korean Airlines to Europe( I think free).

    You are having an amazing trip, have you left USA now?

    1. Hi Jeanette,
      Thank you so much! Korea is a bit similar but very different. The people dress and behave differently, the cities are not so clean and the food is very spicy. It’s just different. I rally liked my stay and exploring the nature. And I loved the Seoul metro. It was so easy and cheap!
      I have not been to the USA but am planning to go in autumn.

  3. Reply

    Very pretty. I would love to visit Tokyo someday
    check my post

    1. Hi Pelny, I hope you can visit one day. Tokyo has so much to offer! Will check out your post. Thank you. Have a great day!

  4. This could be the only reason for me to ever travel to Japan. This is so stunningly beautiful! x Maaike

    1. Noooo, wait! It shouldn’t be. I am actually preparing a new article on more flowery reason to come over. it will go live this Saturday! The cherry blossoms are only a part of it. Stay tuned!^^

  5. THIS IS AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing it on Wanderlust Stories. I just got back from Tokyo and I can’t believe how gorgeous it would have been with the cherry blossoms blooming. Gah!!

    1. Reply

      Hi Daisy, no problem. I love the cherry blossoms and thought other people might too. Have you seen other flowers? I published another post on amazing Japanese flower festivals most people don’t know about. Which part of Tokyo did you like most?

      1. Very cool! Well, we were there when the hydrangeas and irises were in bloom. We were told we were lucky to see the irises because it only happens for 2 weeks in the summer! I’ll definitely check out the Japanese flower festival post :) I wrote a post about 10 things I loved about Tokyo and I’d love your thoughts, it’s here:

        1. Reply

          Wow, the hydrangeas and irises I would have loved to see as well but was already gone by then. You were really lucky! I am also curious to see the oceans of tulips in summer, they even have a little “Dutch” theme park in Japan to go with it.^^
          And regarding your post: YOU WERE FILMED? Oh wow. That must have been cool… and awkward. By the way, I love your photos and view on the details about Tokyo. So much better than to focus on the electronics and nerdy side alone!

          1. Oooh the tulips must be incredible! We saw some flower farms in Hokkaido and those were pretty amazing. :) And yes… we were filmed, and yes.. it was awkward! Hah!

  6. Reply

    This is lovely, I absolutely love the gorgeous sakura season in Japan. Thanks for sharing the locations, Osaka and Kyoto also have very nice parks too! Have you visited during autumn season? Golden hills of maple trees are very beautiful in Osaka Meno park:)

    1. Hi Vivien, I have been for the first time to Japan this spring. Autumn would be an awesome time to experience Japan as well. I heard it might even be more beautiful! And you are right, Osaka and Kyoto have beautiful spots as well but I also loved Okayama and Himeji! Basically there are sakura everywhere as they are so beloved. Where else did you go?

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