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Getting Closer to Australia’s Heart at the Alice Springs YHA

[:gb] Location The Alice Springs YHA has the perfect location, being situated right in the heart of Alice Springs next to the main street (with its free wifi) and just a street from the main shopping facilities. It’s the starting point for your exploring tours to Anzac Hill and the Telegraph station with the original […]

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong on an Outback Tour? All of this.

[:gb]This post was sponsored. Mishaps happen and if you’ve been following my social media channels you would know by now that the last couple of months have been – more or less – a serious bad luck streak for me. It should come as no surprise that it caught up to me as far as […]

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Hiking the Kings Canyon with Groovy Grape Tours

[:gb]This post was sponsored. Even today we were not quite rid of the clouds but, never mind, they made for an even more phenomenal sunrise over the dark silhouette of the King’s Canyon as we struggled up the Cardiac Hill and onto the start of the four hour long Rim Walk. Piled up rocks, layered […]

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Why I Would Never Climb the Uluru

[:gb]For many tourists it is a must see on a visit to Australia. The Ayers Rock possesses a special attraction to people all over the world. A towering stone formation in the middle of endless plains, shimmering red underneath a glowing hot sun. I would without a doubt recommend a visit at least once in […]