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The Quirkiest Attractions Along Stuart Highway

[:gb,de][:gb]It’s Foto Friday again and this time around I want to show you some pretty quirky places in the Northern Territory. The drive up the super straight Stuart Highway might be a tad boring. You know, same old landscape, unchanging scenery, all of that. But you need to stop every now and then for rest, […]

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How to Find Opal and Become a Millionaire in 6 Steps

[:gb]Who wouldn’t want to become rich over night? Maybe there is a secret recipe for success? At least hundreds of people thought so coming to the opal capital Coober Pedy, looking for the precious gem that with each reflecting colour can represent another thousand dollars in their eyes. Naturally, I wanted to find out more. […]

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Where to Get Free Guided Tours in Adelaide

The city of Adelaide has so much variety on offer and is also very obliging in offering a great amount of free tours. Nature lovers, culture connoisseurs and foodie fanatics will all get a piece. With so much to choose from, it was hard to decide but nonetheless I opted for three different walks and […]

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Every Fashionista’s Dream Come True – Fashion Icons at the Art Gallery of South Australia

[:gb]I thought I must be dreaming when I saw the iconic bar suit through which a young and ambitious Christian Dior had turned the then rather sober and restricted fashion world of post war times upside down and gave it a big shake for good measure. No one would have dared to exceed the rationings […]