Don’t Miss the Erfurt Christmas Market – One City, 17 Christmas Sites

Don’t Miss the Erfurt Christmas Market - One City, 17 Christmas Sites

The Erfurt Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. Set to the backdrop of the grand cathedral and church with a towering real Christmas tree, you will be excessively delighted! Don’t forget to bring your camera and dress up warm because you will want to stay for quite some time. Plus, there is more than one Christmas market in Erfurt.

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Don’t Miss the Erfurt Christmas Market - One City, 17 Christmas Sites

Ferris wheel on athedral Sqaure in Erfurt
Ferris wheel at “Domplatz”

Erfurt Christmas Locations

In total, there are more than 200 wooden stalls and huts in Christmas market locations around Erfurt.

Erfurt Christmas Market

In 2018, the Erfurt Christmas Market is being held for the 168th time. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me. Not only that but it’s the biggest Christmas market in Thuringia, Germany’s most central state. The market is set up to the backdrop of medieval buildings and the grand cathedral.

What stands out at first glance are four things: The big lettering of the name at the entrance of the “Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt”, the Christmas tree, the Christmas pyramid and the ferris wheel. Year after year these are set up and never fail to impress

Main Erfurt Christmas Market wth Cathedral in the distance
Main Erfurt Christmas Market wth Cathedral in the distance

The real and lavishly decorated Christmas tree is 25 metres in height and the original Ore Mountain pyramid is 12 metres high. Leading up to Christmas, you will easily get festive spirits at the market stalls with traditional handcrafted items, sweets, mulled wine, amusement stalls and more. Plus, there is a full event calendar. Listen to live and traditional German Christmas music, for instance.

Location: Domplatz, 99084 Erfurt, Germany
Dates: 27 November – 22 December 2018
Opening times: 10AM-8PM (So-Wed), 10AM-9PM (Thu), 10AM-10PM (Fri-Sat)
Inner City Christmas market Erfurt
Inner City Christmas market

Willy-Brandt-Platz Christmas Market

Right in front of the train station lies Willy Brandt Square. This means that already upon your arrival you will feel super festive. I mean, there is a huge Christmas tree in the entrance hall of the train station but a welcoming Christmas market on top of it all is pretty sweet.

Anger Christmas Market

Walking from the train station to the city centre, you will cross the Anger Square. Here too a small Christmas Market is set up with traditional stalls, a merry-go-round and beautifully lit trees.

Christmas decorations along Kettenstraße in Erfurt
Christmas decorations along Kettenstraße

Inner City Christmas Market

Walk on and you will see some more huts in front of the City Hall. You are very close to the Cathedral Square (“Domplatz”) now. Turn left and into the small shopping street.

Krämerbrücke Christmas Market

An absolute must is the Merchant Bridge with its beautiful light garlands strung above the coble stone streets and unique artist shops. Walking the bridge is a must do in Erfurt and the best time surely must be at Christmas. The vibe is so glorious!

Erfurt Christmas Market
Scooter games at Erfurt Christmas Market

Wenigemarkt Christmas Market

Are you surprised that the “Puffbohne” has its own Christmas Market? Formerly the medieval Christmas market in Erfurt, it is now dedicated to the iconic vegetable. Here, the deal is to just eat. It’s perfect for foodies! (Generally, there are many delightful Erfurt restaurants around.)

More Mini Christmas Markets in Erfurt

Check opening times here.

  • Cathedral Garden (“Domgarten”) – right next to the cathedral but more intimate
  • Discalced Church (“Barfüßerkirche“) – Fair trade and sustainable market in a church ruin
  • Mary Meadow (“Marienwiese”) – medieval Christmas market
  • Kaisersaal Garden – with 200m ice rink
  • Luther Market
  • Zum Güldenen Rade – live music in restaurant yard
  • Almhütte Petersberg
  • Kaisersaal Erfurt
  • Hof Restaurant „Faustus“
  • Hotel Krämerbrücke
  • Christkindlmarkt Augustiner
  • Zughafen
  • Erfurter Heizwerk
  • Kürschnergasse
  • Engelsburg
  • Terrace of Restaurant Siju
Krämerbrücke at Christmas
Krämerbrücke at Christmas

Christmas Market Staples


While you’re in Thuringia in winter, why not try classic staple dishes you can’t get anywhere else. (With the same yummy quality that is. Other states try to recreate them but it’s definitely not the same.) This includes Thuringian sausage (“Thüringer Bratwurst”) and dumplings (“Thüringer Klöße”).

The first are spiced (but not spicy) sausages fresh from the grill and with a nice firm bite. Eat them with mustard if you want to keep it real Thuringian. German dumplings like no other, made from mashed and grated potatoes in equal measure. Eat them with gravy, red cabbage and beef roulades. (There even is a dumpling museum nearby!)

Erfurt Christmas Market
Main Erfurt Christmas Market

Another specialty is Erfurt schittchen, a local variation of the stollen, which is a Christmas bread with raisins, almonds, lemon, brand/rum and powdered sugar. There even is an official stollen queen (“Stollenkönigin”), who will ceremonially cut the first stollen of the year on the Christmas market in Erfurt.

More amazing things to try food- and drinkwise are: mulled wine (“Glühwein”), langosch and gingerbread. When it comes to sweet treats, try roasted and sugar caramelized nuts, chocolate fruits and fairy floss/cotton candy.


If you visit a German Christmas market, typical souvenirs worth taking are anything to decorate your Christmas tree. Fine German handicraft is displayed in wooden hangers that are intricately carved, delicate hand painted baubles and decorative Christmas stars for the top of your tree.

The Ore Mountains are close and anything from there is a classic as well. This includes traditional incense with wooden incense figurines, wooden pyramids and “Schwibbogen”.

If you need a treat to eat on the way home, stock up on caramelized nuts, candied or chocolate coated fruit and Christmas cookies.

Should You Visit Erfurt’s Christmas Market?

Well, duh! It is super pretty, there are soooo many sites to be discovered, the city is worth a day trip anyway and the nightly atmosphere is just so cosy. I love returning here whenever I can, so I highly encourage you to visit too.

Were you aware of the many Christmas Markets in Erfurt?

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Don’t Miss the Erfurt Christmas Market - One City, 17 Christmas Sites

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