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  1. Just a heads up about the girl who died in Kings Canyon. She wasn’t cliffhanging, she was about to jump down onto a large stable boulder for a group photo with everyone else and tragically tripped just at the wrong moment and plummeted to her death. My brothers flatmate was one of the tour guides. That was a tragic accident, not her being reckless

    • Hi Katie, thanks for your remark. I remembered she was said to have taken a jumping picture but then I found it said on the internet that she did the cliffhanging one, but I’ll change it. I hope your brother’s flatmate is doing better. It must have been very tough.

  2. We agree wholeheartedly with your post! Accidents can happen everywhere whether you travel or not. We’ve hiked a lot in US national parks where there are wild animals which could be dangerous – like grizzlys, mountains lions or rattlesnakes. But when hearing about an attack in the news usually it turns out that the people involved were hiking alone and/or off the trail – which both are strongly discouraged. It doesn’t mean that we can’t ever be attacked if we are careful and hike on dedicated trails, but everything in life has a risk. Even if you stay at home (how many of your friends have broken their leg when falling off the stairs? we could name a few…). Not to even mention driving a car…
    And no, we would never think of trying to make friend with a crocodile… or grizzly bear… or whatever which has instinct to kill us immediately. :D

    • Hi Csaba and Bea, thanks for your comment. And it sounds very exciting, the places you have hiked to. I unfortunately haven’t done a lot of hiking when I was in the USA but really would like to the next time I am in the country. And you are absolutely right, broken legs at home are no news.^^

      And staying on the paths is always a good idea – even though it seems tempting to stray.

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