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Charming and Scary Austrian Christmas Traditions to Experience in Salzburg | Sponsored

The Keampuslauf in Salzburg - an Austrian Christmas tradition

This post was sponsored. It is one thing to learn about Christmas traditions around the world and another entirely to experience them for yourself. So when I arrived in Salzburg in time for Advent on my press trip, I stepped right into the magic and tried to learn more about the local Christmas traditions. Who […]


Non Spicy Korean Food You Should Try in Seoul

Non-Spicy Korean Food You Should Try in Seoul

Call my tastebuds wusses, but they seriously can’t handle spicy food. (Hey, I’m German, we have rather bland and fatty food.) So when I visited Korea, I was in dire need of non spicy Korean food so I wouldn’t starve. Trust me, finding actually non spicy food was hard. And here’s a word of warning: […]


Hong Kong Food That Will Send You to Foodie Heaven

Your Perfect Hong Kong Itinerary – 3 Days in Hong Kong

At first it is difficult to know what Hong Kong food to look out for. There simply are so many unique and yummy dishes and Hong Kong restaurants! And to be sure, sightseeing Hong Kong in only a few days can get overwhelming easily. To spare you the pain of research and pair it with […]


Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

Now is a good time as any to pull out your foodie bucketlist and mark off where to find the best cuisine in the world. Because the world is big and wide and there is just so much to see. I mean travel bucketists basically litter the internet and one can feel easily overwhelmed. But […]