Living on the Rails in Sydney Railway Square YHA

An old railway station turned hostel, directlycuddling up to the new one with refurbished old train wagons as hostel suites? The novelty was just too much for me not to see. Already the entrance made it clear, it’s all about preserving the buiding’s heritage, like in the YHA Harbour. A half timbered front opened up after the winding cobblestone driveway and backpackers were sitting on old push wagons. Jep, the name was well chosen.



In the heart of the city, sharing space and no-longer-used rails with the central station you can be sure you can get to anywhere from here. Markets and shopping centres are just a 10 minute walk away, restaurants and pubs are much closer. Major attractions and museums are not far either and can be walked. Going all the way up to the harbour takes about 30 to 40 minutes and you will see more historic buildings and shopping opportunities along the way, too.


The reception was open all day long and ready to help out. Whether you wanted to know how to best get to the airport (shuttle bus, train or taxi) or find a specialist store (like I did because my computer crashed), they would know.

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P1570877 (2)

Party Level

Again, not a party hostel. Instead, people like to chill out in the main entrance space on round sofas or the the eating areas with big tables, lots of sofas and computer corners. Next to the swimming pool there are also seating opprtunities to have a better breath of fresh air and be all ready for the swim. If you are looking for parties, you will definitely find like-minded people to enter the party scene.


Only a handful of dorms are actually the fancy converted train carriages, but the hostel dorms are also pretty decent. The kitchen is rather huge, the indoor and outdoor communal areas are spacious and there is also free wifi. I even got some in my room! Also there is a pool, tour desk and billiard tables.


Nothing to remark. Everything was clean and well kept.
P1570886 (2)
P1570898 (2)


Each room was equipped with enough medium sized lockers and the whole building felt safe. In fact the hostel guests were watching their belonging for one another and it was all very friendly. Also, the different corridors of the hostel are all locked and cacn only be entered with your special room key. So there is no way to sneak around different rooms, which is really safe if you ask me.


The YHA Railways Sqaure is a laid back hostel in a perfect location and with great facilities as well as a unique character.


Sydney Railway Square YHA
8-10 Lee Street
Sydney 2000
Tel.: +61 (0) 9281 9666

I would like to thank the YHA again for having me. As always, my opinion remains my own.

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