Full-Time Work and Travel is not as Great as You Think

Adventurous Kate published this amazing article on how full-time travel and working at the same time is not as great an idea as it seems. Most people dream of leaving their cubicles and heading out for a life of adventures, each day being new and exciting. But where does the money come in to fund this lifestyle? Digital nomad is the key word and it seems so enticing; working from anywhere in the world, being your own boss with your own schedule. Sleep whenever you want, work whenever inspiration strikes and making passive money if you’re lucky by uploading ebooks and such. Sipping from a coconut by the sound of the waves with your laptop at the ready, such as we read on Blogging From Paradise is a dream come true. And it can be. So, why then does it feel so far from it when I actually do it? The thing is to get the balance right because the days are only so short and your energy only so limited.

When too much Energy becomes too Hard

I am a very passionate and energetic human being – especially when it comes to travel and it happens surprisingly often that I hear comments of awed surprise on that. I take it for granted and never feel enough. There never seem to be enough productive hours, I never have enough energy, I never do enough. But then, how come bloggers who stay put in a home base seem to get so much more done? They have just as exciting stories and helpful tips to share. Because they actually have the time to write them up and do it strategically after well-thought out considerations on concept and blog schedule. I write it up as I go and never have enough days to actually publish = what I experience and never enough time to write it down. Most of my trips along the Australian east coast never made it on my blog. It was just too much and I didn’t want to bore anyone with yet another perfect beach, island hopping or cliff exploring. Even though I had some incredible stories. Will have to wait for my overdue book. (Whenever I find time for that.)

Not meaning to complain, but consolidating a life travel and work equals a compromise. I try to make up for that by going full throttle – on my sightseeing days, running like a maniac between major spots, getting lost full speed for new finds and all the while hectically gramming and tweeting. After that I find a not so quiet spot in my current hostel and write until the wee hours before I quietly roll up my clothes, squeeze my backpack closed and head over to the next place. Did I mention I have to answer emails, plan new trips, book new stays and sort out business contacts in the middle. And I love eating and usually cook, too. No takeaway for me since I need to save money and plan my budget. Speaking of budgeting, I also have an excel sheet of my expenses as well one of all my blog ad social media stats that I need to look into and work at several times per week. At that point I realised my day has already been over by 2 hours.

I call that the ‘Zombie-Mode’

So seeing that other bloggers struggle with that as well and that it actually leads to health problems and mental side effects, such as irritability, anti-social behaviour and major stress levels. Reading that, I had to lean back for a moment and let my busy fingers rest. It was true. I had reached a point where I shunned everyone on my hostel, was annoyed by people on the subway for no reason and held suspicious feelings for people smiling at me on the street. Sane? I think no more. So that’s when things need to change. And where do I find the time to think about what to change? Well, let’s start with you, lovely readers. It would mean so much to me if you could let me know that all this struggle is not for nothing and you enjoy me sharing my travels and adventures with you. Drop me a comment. Post a smiley. It would make my day. Watch one of my travel videos.

Second, things need to be rearranged. I will settle down more from now on with Tokyo being my new old destination and my travels reduced for the time being. Although I am already having loads of ideas. But the thing is, you won’t be bored inbetween because I have so much stuff to write about it makes my head spin thinking about it. Why not let me know what would interest you or what you enjoy reading the most? It doesn’t have to be on my latest Asian travels, it could be on travel in general, places I’ve already been to or dream destinations for bucketlist fanatics. You know your input is always welcome! And with that I am looking at the clock and realise it is 1:47 am. Off to bed. And this time I won’t put on the alarm and I will cancel my day trip. It’s me time!

No more questions from my side today.

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    It’s so hard to find time to blog when you’re constantly in amazing places, just waiting to be explored! That’s why I’m taking a break from full-time travel, and have settled down to be a full-time expat instead. Being from the east coast of Australia (#REPRESENT), living and working in Spain means that travel is so much more accessible now! As you know, Australia is way, way too far away…. Although now I have a job and responsibility….ughhk

    1. I feel ya! I currently have that problem. I am in a new town every third day now and it used to be so easy a year ago but now I can’t hardly keep up with all the blogging, social media-ing and other projects I’ve got going. I think I will try expating again myself. Even though I find myself getting a real bad travel itch every 3 months (do you get that, too?). And going from the East Coast to Spain is such a huge step! Kudos to you, girl! What job are you doing? I am wishing you all the best! And hope to read about your new European stories soon. :)

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