Things to do in Valencia at Night

Things to do in Valencia at Night

Valencia in Spain is a city full of life, just like Barcelona. Its people are happy and welcoming and the weather is pretty good all year around. The good thing about the city is that it is also as vibrant during the day as it is at night. Needless to say, the Valencia nightlife is quite fantastic. After all, Spanish people don’t take life too seriously and are always up for a good time. To not miss out on the fun, here are the best places to see in Valencia at night.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Visit the City of Arts and Science in Valencia

The City of Arts and Science is probably the most famous building complex and a must when sightseeing Valencia. Not surprisingly, these modern buildings are the pride of the city and one of the main Valencia points of interest.

The City of Arts and Science complex might be a very popular place to go during the day since one of the buildings is also a museum. But it’s also a great place to enjoy Valencia at Night. Then, the buildings are lit up an all kinds of beautiful colors, making it one of the best places to visit in Valencia, Spain after dark. You can get your full day entrance ticket in advance to avoid the queues.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Party in One of the 12 Treasures of Spain

If you want to go partying to experience the Valencia nightlife, you can even stay in the City of Arts and science until clubbing time. Mya is a club that is open all year-round in and located within the complex. During summer time the rooftop club is open as well. It’s called Umbracle. This is where you can always find a good party, with great music and electric atmosphere. It’s the perfect complex to check out if you spend a weekend in Valencia as it has both day and night entertainment.

Top tip: around 23:00 on Fridays, you can take part in a language exchange. Enter for free and enjoy discounts on the drinks until the club opens for the public. Afterward, you are free to stay in the club to party. Now if that isn’t one of the best clubs in Valencia!

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Visit Aragon and Mingle with the Students

Blasco Ibáñez is located on University Street. It might not be one of the main Valencia tourist attractions. Due to its many other university attendees here, it is the best place to stay in Valencia for students. Still, that is exactly why this area is always full of life. Naturally, you can find many dining, drinking and partying opportunities around here. You can start out in Plaza Xuquer where you can find eating opportunities, one of my favorite Valencia restaurants, Tanto Monta.

From there, you can head to Polo i Peloron, where you will find a lot of bars to dive into the Valencia nightlife. Hop from one bar to another and pick the one that suits you best. A lot of these bars in Valencia also offer salsa nights that start between 8PM and 10PM. For the price of a drink, you can get a salsa lesson with different levels.

If you walk down to Plaza del Cedro and Plaza Honduras, you will find more popular bars with cheap beer prices as well as some clubs, such as Rumbo 144. This is another great party location and club in Valencia.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Dine on traditional tapas

Spain is known for its amazing tapas. And yes, they are as good as they say. So while in the city, you should go and try the local Spanish cuisine. There are different parts of town where you can enjoy this the best fare. (Seriously, food can be counted as one of the most popular Valencia attractions, too!) Ruzafa is a very popular neighborhood nowadays. Here, there’s always something going on. In Calle Burriana and Calle Ciscar, you will stumble upon a lot of bars to enjoy good tapas. If you are travelling solo and want good company or just really a guided tour of all the best insider places for tapas, why not join a special tapas tour?

Should you want to stay in the Old Town of Valencia, el Carmen will treat your to more tapas. Take a walk around Plaza del Tossal, where you can enjoy a beer. In case you are trying to find something cheaper and with a university flair, then go and eat out around El Cedro or Benimaclet. These two areas are full of students and prices tend to be cheaper.

Next, try Torilla de Patatas, Sepia a la Plancha, Chipirones or Patatas bravas. Those are probably my favourites and I bet you will love them, too! Among the best restaurants in Valencia is Bodega Fila El Labrador. This typical Spanish bodega offers wine and some tapas such as a variety of Spanish sausages, cheese, and olives.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Watch the sunset in L’Albufera

L’Albufera is a freshwater lagoon and estuary as well as a National Park located just on the outskirts of Valencia. Here, you can observe the diversity of flora and fauna that the park has to offer all year round. In this protected area, you can enjoy endemic species.

The Albufera is a beautiful place to enjoy the setting sun – and one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in Valencia, Spain. The amazing views over the lagoon give a clear reflection of a Valencia sunset, creating a beautiful scenario. You can also take a boat tour in the Albufera, which will allow you to explore this place even more and give you the chance to enjoy the sunset out in the water.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Visit the Silent Disco

Have you ever heard of silent disco? If not, you might be wondering what a club without music is there for, right? Well, the silent disco is a silent room where everyone wears their own headphones and listens to the music of their choice. Amazing, right?

You can find this experience in Piccadilly Club. Here, headphones come in 3 different colors and you have 3 music choices. So, turn the volume as loud as you want and hit the stop button when you want to chat someone up. This is definitely a different experience from the usual things to see in Valencia, Spain, and worth a visit.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Party Until Sunrise

They say Spanish people love to party, and yeah we do! We are up anytime for a great party, and you can see that reflected in the Valencia nightlife. If you are more up for the bar/pub kind of night, then visit El Carmen, Canovas or Ruzafa. These are great Valencia sights for bar goers.

If you are looking for real clubs, you will be able to find them sprawled out all over the city as well. A great place to find the hip parties are listed in the Xceed App. This is your go-to app when it comes to partying in Valencia. You can find the Valencia clubs that have parties that day, their entrance fee and starting time.

One of my favorite clubs in Valencia is probably La3. This club hosts a lot of parties and concerts. It also features hits and electronic music. Its alternative vibe will make you fall in love instantly.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Enjoy the sunrise after a great party

Every great party ends late in Spain. Just in time to enjoy the sunrise! Head to the beach and enjoy the sunrise by the water. This view is one you will remember for a long time, as well as the amazing party in Valencia you just had.

If you go partying in the port or beach area, you can find clubs such as High Cube or Akuarela Beach. Plus, you are just one step away from the beach. If you wanted to include the beach as part of your Valencia sightseeing, then you can hit two birds with one stone!

Fallas is the best time of the year!

Some might say summer is the best time of the year, and it really is a good time, but Fallas, Oh Fallas!

Fallas is definitely the best time of the year in Valencia. This local festivity turns the city upside down and gives it a totally different vibe. Fallas in Valencia is a festivity where huge figures, called Ninots, are built and parade all over the city, men and women dress in traditional clothes, it’s loud at every time of the day, and the people party for 5 days in a row.

Valencia’s Fallas takes place every year from 15-19 March. During those days, you will be able to find parties in almost every street, with some of the best ones in Ruzafa and Canovas Area. Get ready for stunning fireworks at night by the river and light shows in Calle Cuba and Literato Azorin.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Get Haunted in Valencia

If you want to experience the Valencia nightlife without the clubbing and bar hopping, you could consider a haunted Valencia walking tour. This way, you can see the wonderful nightlights and cool down with the shivers you get from learning about the haunted past and the city’s mysticism. This includes a journey into the inquisition history of Valencia. Those who like scary stories will love such an evening.

Where to Stay in Valencia

To get fantastic views over the city AND a rooftop pool, check into the Expo Hotel Valencia in the Nuevo Centro Shopping Centre. From here, you are only a 15-minute walk from Valencia’s Old Town and the metro station is also right outside.

I say, if you truly want to discover a city and feel right at home when you travel, why not rent an apartment? Try the minimalist chic yet slightly colourful Pio XII Apartments Valencia. Their location is super central and there’s a nearby supermarket in case you want to cook your own meals.

For a somewhat fancier stay in utterly unique Valencia hotels, the following two are great. For one, there is the Silken Puerta Valencia with its quirky decorative wall art outside and within. For a more traditional, old fashioned yet tasteful Valencia accommodation, check out Ad Hoc Carmen.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

When to Visit Valencia

Since Valencia enjoys Mediterranean climate, any time between March and September is great. Temperatures are warm to hot, it’s sunny and winters are mild. In March, The average daily temperature in Valencia lies between 13°C and 18°C. The hottest days are usually in August with up to 29°C.

Apart from Las Fallas in March, you can visit the bullfighting months and battle of the flowers during the Feria de Julio (the July Fair) . That time of the year also sees fireworks, concerts and other shows.

On the second Sunday of May, you can be witness to the Festival known as Our Lady of the Forsaken. Again, there are firework displays and concerts on its eve. On the actual day, you can watch religious processions.

Travel Resources for Travelling Valencia

Travel Insurance – Never go without travel insurance! No matter how long you are travelling and no matter how healthy/fit you are. Accidents do happen and you want to be covered. If you are a EU citizen, your national insurance will only be available to you in emergencies.

Travel Guides – As always, Lonely Planet offers the best insider advice and tons of expertise on the best Valencia clubs, bars, restaurants and attractions. They fill entire books with that. A blog post like this can only give you starter ideas.

Valencia Literature – The city of Valencia also has a literary tradition. Its most notable author is Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. You can read his masterpiece Cañas y Barro. It is listed among the top 100 Spanish novels of the 20th century! If you love modern crime fiction, then A Death in Valencia by Jason Webster might be just for you.

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

Is Experiencing Valencia at Night Worth It?

Now that you have some tips on what to do in your nights in Valencia is up to you to make the most out of it. See what kind of experience is the one you want and enjoy everything the city has to offer. I lived there for 4 years and loved every single second of it. Valencia is an amazing city that will welcome you with arms wide open, good weather and amazing food.

Where would you wanna experience Valencia at night?

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Things to do in Valencia at Night

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