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Feasting on German Potato Dumplings at the Thüringer Kloßwelt Museum // Sponsored

Feasting on German Potato Dumplings at Thüringer Kloßwelt

Let’s make one thing clear from the start: German potato dumplings are the best thing in the world! If you haven’t had any yet or think they are anything like Chinese or Japanese or whatever other dumpling, drop that thought immediately. Back up slowly, raise your hands and freeze. This is not a drill. I […]


Top 5 Lesser Visited German Towns to Put on Your Bucketlist

You’ve travelled to Germany? Let me guess it was to, Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich? These are the obvious choices for first-time travellers and that is perfectly fine, only that you are missing out on typically old-fashioned German towns. If you eschew modern and seek historical, then you should take a look at lesser visited places […]