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How to Explore Yorkshire like the Brontë Sisters // Sponsored

How to Explore Yorkshire like the Brontë Sisters. Retracing the steps and seeing their favourite walks, rooms and finally understanding the mood of their novels.

Cold, desolate and void of shelter. That is how I pictured the harsh Yorkshire moors I thought I knew so well from the books. And so I trudged through the treacherous heath on my quest to explore Yorkshire, being very cautious of my steps. The moors can be dangerous and when you stray off the […]


Where Is the Famous Kangaroo Beach?
Nullarbor Traveller Day 7 + 8 // Sponsored

Where to See the Famous Kangaroo Beach + lots of hiking and a VIDEO!

Since we received favouring tailwinds, we made it to Cape LeGrand National Park by afternoon on my tour with Nullarbor Traveller. Arriving after dark is not unusual and so we were indeed lucky and seized the beautiful day to relax on the beach. Donning our best beach wear we walked out of the camp and […]


Maybe not Rely on Maps too Much

[Angry rant blog post warning.] There I was, innocently studying the map, scanning through brochures and inquiring at the information desk, looking for nice tours and walks that do not require renting a car or asking random strangers for a ride (public transport is basically nonexistent in Taupo). Result: my decision to walk up and […]