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Where to Go when You Visit Mount Fuji

I am not very partial to tourists, travellers will always get my vote. However, after having nearly travelled for a year (yay!) and being exhausted, I decided to just go ahead with buying that good value bus ticket for the Mount Fuji region and make the most of it. This meant, riding the bus absolutely […]


Discovering The Past in Today’s Food in Sicily

Sicily in Italy is a very special place. Being its own island and every corner steeped in history, it is a true gem for history lovers. Foodie likewise will never want to leave the island. So whether you are cruising Italy for two weeks or just visit Sicily, this food needs to end up your […]


10 Crazy Things I Never Thought I’d Do

This has been a crazy year for me with many highs and lows and no in-betweens. Always full force, never slowing down and never doing things in halves. Add to that my uberklutzness and dorkiness and you got a pretty good idea how exciting it has been for everyone – you included since I could […]