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These 50 Must Have Japanese Souvenirs and Gifts

These 50 Japanese Souvenirs Absolutely Need to End up in Your Suitcase

Japan is a wonderland. So much great food, outstanding landscapes, incredibly polite people and oh, the quality products! Whether you are planning a trip to Japan or miss this wonderful country and its quality products, here are the best Japanese gifts and Japanese souvenirs that will make great memories and presents for yourself or loved […]


How to Please Foodies in Japan

Well, this one is easy! Foodies in Japan will find themselves in paradise no matter where they go. Why do I make such bold claims? Because I’ve been there and even though I am a very picky foodie, I hardly found foods in Japan I hated. In fact, what I found was all delectable. Just […]


Learn how to Easily Prepare Sushi Roll

Sushi. Isn’t that what you NEED to have when you come over to Japan? But wait! It is actually a Tokyo thing and should be had first and foremost in the capital! Did you know that it was originally even referred to as Edo-mae zushi, Edo being the original name of Tokyo due to the […]


How to Learn Making the Perfect Sushi in Tokyo // Sponsored

Food is a big part of my life and while I travel I make sure to let it keep that big role and pamper my tongue with foreign tastes and new delicacies. But after having tried so many new dishes, I was eager to get behind how to recreate them when I’m away. For that […]