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When Travels Go Wrong – Major Freak Out

This what happens when everything goes wrong when you travel. You May Freak Out Now. But it's never as bad as it seems. Click to find out more.

Great, a gate in my face. And it was locked. Of course. Just when I realised I had forgotten my railpass in my hotel, had to catch a train in 20 minutes and was at the other end of town without wifi and a sim card that would not charge me horrendous fees for calling […]


Why You Shouldn’t Take Travel so Seriously

I know a lot of people who are waiting months for their big holiday just to return exhausted and answering my eager question of how it was with a sigh and the exclamation, ‘I need another holiday.’ Well, that backfired. So why do people stress out so much over their holidays? Well, I don’t need […]