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Top 15 Airbnbs in Tokyo After the 2018 Airbnb Ban

Tokyo Tower with evening skyline

Having a wide selection of airbnbs in Tokyo has gotten somewhat more difficult with the minpaku law having come into effect, reducing the airbnb listings by 80%!! On the plus side, Tokyo airbnbs that are still available are now officially registered. And there are quite the gems among the lot. Here are the best.


What to Do in Tokyo in 5 Days – Ideal Tokyo Itinerary

The capital of Japan is a hub of eccentricities, a clash of old and new, a whirlwind adventure and a place for everything kawaii and innovative. There are many ways to describe it but if you are wondering what to do in Tokyo in 5 days, here are my five cents. (In total, I have […]


Your Ultimate Otaku Guide To Tokyo

I think it’s way too late to out myself as a massive manga and anime fan. It’s public, ever since I keep blabbing on about it, falling in raptures over the first manga I saw in a Japanese book shop and going to nerdvana, Anime Japan. As some of you might be just as crazy […]