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Road Trip Day 10 – Racing along Stuart Highway

Yet again we crossed a border and suddenly left the temperate climate behind. Entering the tropical climate took just one step. Man, it was hot all of a sudden. No, just kidding, it was freezing. On our first stop after leaving Alice Springs we saw the marking of the Tropic of Capricorn, a tower statue […]


Silly Travel Anecdote – Booking Trauma

So there I was taking in the heightened experience of seeing the 12 Apostles basked in a golden glow by the lowering sun … and I had to make phone calls. Such fun. The level of excitement increased further when it turned out that the – as I was told – straightforward confirmation of my […]


Of a Sow and Piglets and Other Quirky Things along the Great Ocean Road

Did you know that the Great Ocean Road in Australia started off as an employment program for all the ex soldiers and servicemen of World War I in 1919. It linked all the coastal towns along the way, following the coastal outlines on, stretching 241 kilometres. The name was given in 1972 and today it […]