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Screw Travel Research! Why You Should Try It

Why I Stopped Doing Travel Research and Why You Should Try It Too

Call it lazy, call it adventurous, but I stopped doing extensive travel research ever since I started my world trip and journey of becoming a travel blogger nearly three years ago. At first, it was an experiment. I used to be the obsessive type A kinda traveller, starting my research of ALL the possible sights […]


Book Flights – How to Save Money With the Right Timing + Infographic

Mentally bonding over shared experiences with canned sardines is no fun and it makes you ask, is it really worth it to buy the cheapest flight there is? Is there no other way to book flights? There sure is if you know when to look for cheap flights. Timing is everything.


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Do you want to find out how you can manage to travel the world for longer than you thought possible? I am not talking about a two week holiday, I mean month-long adventures across countries? I have done it for a whole year and I know you can, too!