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Black Sea Salt & Pink Lakes in Burgas – Don’t Miss Bulgaria’s Lake Atanasovsko

Black Sea Salt & Pink Lakes in Burgas – Don't Miss Bulgaria's Lake Atanasovsko

I was roadtripping Bulgaria to catch the sunrise on July 1 – a Bulgarian tradition – when we discovered the magical pink lakes near Burgas. I had no idea these even existed! I have seen pink lakes in Australia and know of some in Spain, Canada and Bolivia. But Bulgaria? Naturally,this had to be investigated. […]


Great Ocean Road Tour Day 3 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Like tree bark creaking in the wind, the cries of the red headed Gang Gang welcomed us on our morning hike up the Grampians. Over rocks and stones we clumbered, holding on tightly to odd shaped formations and finding a grip in small crevasses while we were […]