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Non Spicy Korean Food You Should Try in Seoul

Non-Spicy Korean Food You Should Try in Seoul

Call my tastebuds wusses, but they seriously can’t handle spicy food. (Hey, I’m German, we have rather bland and fatty food.) So when I visited Korea, I was in dire need of non spicy Korean food so I wouldn’t starve. Trust me, finding actually non spicy food was hard. And here’s a word of warning: […]


How to Make an Okonomiyaki Hiroshima-style

[gb:]Today I have a very special treat for you! The all-time classic Japanese dish that isn’t sushi but still amazing (plus, I am still not a big fan of sushi). Everyone who has watched Ranma ½ will be familiar with this dish that requires the expert handling of two kotes, spatulas, making it indeed look […]