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The Danger in Australia’s Backyards Is Real (True Story)

The Danger in Australia's Backyards Is Real (True Story) - treacherous grass

Sad Recap of My Ending Australian Adventures

It is done. The time has come to say goodbye. Australia has been my home for 7 months and now it will no longer be. I must say I am slightly sad but at the same time way too excited to have a heart break. That is the thing with travellers, they always seek novelty […]


Where Is the Famous Kangaroo Beach?
Nullarbor Traveller Day 7 + 8 // Sponsored

Where to See the Famous Kangaroo Beach + lots of hiking and a VIDEO!

Since we received favouring tailwinds, we made it to Cape LeGrand National Park by afternoon on my tour with Nullarbor Traveller. Arriving after dark is not unusual and so we were indeed lucky and seized the beautiful day to relax on the beach. Donning our best beach wear we walked out of the camp and […]


6 Things You Won’t Expect in Australia

[:gb] Flies in Your Face [:de] Fliegen im Gesicht haben [:gb]I don’t know how to break it to you but you have never been pestered by a fly if you haven’t been pestered by an Australian one. These little monsters are particularly vicious on this dangerous country and will try to reach every inch of […]