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Top 15 Airbnbs in Tokyo After the 2018 Airbnb Ban

Tokyo Tower with evening skyline

Having a wide selection of airbnbs in Tokyo has gotten somewhat more difficult with the minpaku law having come into effect, reducing the airbnb listings by 80%!! On the plus side, Tokyo airbnbs that are still available are now officially registered. And there are quite the gems among the lot. Here are the best.


Best Place to Stay in Tokyo – Top 10 Hotels near Tokyo Station

Where to Stay in Tokyo

When researching for your Tokyo accommodation it’s important to keep in mind what kind of Japan itinerary you are planning on. Are you staying just in Tokyo for a few days or will you want to travel the vicinity as well?


Handy Tips for Backpacking Japan on the Cheap (in 2018)

I Wish I had Known This Before Backpacking Japan on the Cheap

I thought backpacking Japan would go just as smoothly as travelling New Zealand: Just going with the flow and basically winging the entire trip. Japan is not as backpacker friendly and attuned to the backpacker community and as a result, some prior planning is necessary. That being said, there are a lot of conveniences that […]


Allergy and Travel – How to Survive Dustmites in Hotels

Allergy and Travel - How to Survive Dustmites in Hotels

If you have a dust allergy and travel, then I don’t need to tell you about the discomfort of hotel beds and the plague of dustmites. At home, you can protect yourself with hypoallergenic bedding, with removing dust regularly and minimising surfaces dust and the nasty mites (and their poop) can collect on. But you […]