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Insanely Cool Stays for Your Rhur Area Getaway in Germany | Sponsored

Insanely Cool Stays for Your Rhur Area Getaway in Germany

When you think of visiting Germany, which cool places come to mind first? Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich? Maybe Hamburg and Bremen. Be honest, did you even think of the Ruhr area? You know, the former industrial center of Germany? Where the mining industry reigned, where factories lined the streets and worker houses sprung up, creating […]


Must-Visit Sustainable Hotel in Lisbon – Keep your Conscience Clean and Mind Refreshed | Sponsored

Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon - A Sustainable Hotel // Review

When I travel for longer, I take some time off to just kick back and relax after all the sightseeing, hiking and getting lost-ing. After spending a week in the wonderfully vibrant city of Lisbon it was that time for me again and I was super happy to be invited by Inspira Santa Marta to […]


Why San Bada Beach Resort Costa Rica Is Paradise

San Bada Beach Resort Costa Rica

As I confessed in an earlier post during my Costa Rica adventures, I adore forests and like to just get lost in them and enjoy the peace and quiet. Would you be surprised to find out that a study has actually found out that there is in fact a reason for some people preferring mountains […]


In the Heart of Costa Rica with Chachagua Rainforest Hotel // Sponsored

Chachagua Rainforest Hotel

Hidden in the lusciously green rainforest near La Fortuna you will find a little paradise within the paradise that is Costa Rica. I am talking about the quaint rainforest hotel Chachagua, which I had the pleasure of being invited to stay at for a few days. Getting there from town requires a shuttle or taxi […]