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Flying & Health – 6 Powerful Ways to Stay on Top

Flying & Health - 6 Powerful Ways to Stay on Top

When flying, your health will suffer, not just during a long haul flight. Therefore, you need to look after your health when flying. You will sit a lot, won’t eat as regularly as you usually do, suffer from jetlag, etc. All this might upset your tummy or cause sleeping problems. Although there is no magical […]


Five Cheeky Flight Booking Secrets You Must Know

The five cheeky ways to book your flights - use them to save a lot of money and not be ripped of.

Though it seems like the most straightforward way that you could go about travel booking – hotel comparisons and planning itineraries and tours might be even trickier – there are some flight booking secrets you should know. These could make it cost YOU more but not other people.


Flight Hacking Your Dream World Trip

Flight Hacking Your Dream World Trip + Free Download

Sometimes life catches you by surprise and other times it blindfolds you and drops you off at the other end of the world. At least that’s how it felt for me. I wasn’t happy in my 9 to 5 (being called useless on a daily basis and not being able to afford even my rent […]