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How to See the Most of the Caribbean Islands // Sponsored

One highlight for travellers around the Caribbean islands is to explore Antigua's natural beauty

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and my eyes were illuminated by the bright light of the screen. Or was their shine due to my excitement over booking a string of flights to discover countries I hadn’t been to before? Then, suddenly the clouds burst and my mood fell. I wouldn’t be able to make […]


How to Pack for Your First Cruise with P&O // Sponsored

What to expect on a cruise - lots of swimming and fun

I am interrupting the current schedule to bring to you a very special program. A big surprise program. It was very hard to keep quiet until now but I can finally announce my big secret.


#TravelBrainster Catherine – Of Apes and Islands

Did you know that I am not only a magnet for chaos and crazy people but also for apes? And guess what, I have finally found someone who has their own ape episode to tell. Meet our today’s #travelbrainster Catherine and let her take you on an apey journey to Gibraltar. That is, before she […]