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Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

Now is a good time as any to pull out your foodie bucketlist and mark off where to find the best cuisine in the world. Because the world is big and wide and there is just so much to see. I mean travel bucketists basically litter the internet and one can feel easily overwhelmed. But […]


A Splash of Colour – The Prettiest Houses You Didn’t Know about

Mexico with its houses in all colours of the rainbow, Italy’s Portofino with layered houses colour upon colour and Greece with its typical white and blue paint – all these places are well known and attract myriads of tourists throughout the year. But if you are seeking to escape the sun, chill by the beach […]


Cape Town Tips You Need to Know Before Visiting

Cape Town Food Hot Spots You Need to Know

Cape Town is an amazing place with lots of great sightseeing spots (such as beaches, foodie places or safaris) but any travel to this colourful coastal town can be made even better when you know a couple of things in advance. And to make it even easier for you, I have done the research for […]


What an African Safari with the Big 5 Is Really Like // Sponsored

I tried to keep an open mind when I sat myself in the car to be driven for 2 hours to the Aquila Private Game Reserve to go on my first ever African safari. I tried not picturing roaring lions, zebras running next to me and someone in the distance singing Hakuna Matata. I still […]