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Great Ocean Road Tour Day 3 with Groovy Grape Tours

[:gb]This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. [:gb]Like tree bark creaking in the wind, the cries of the red headed Gang Gang welcomed us on our morning hike up the Grampians. Over rocks and stones we clumbered, holding on tightly to odd shaped formations and finding a grip in small crevasses while we were […]


Road Trip Day 3 – Rumbling around Flinders Ranges

[:gb]Early enough to blindly stumble through the dark to the breakfast tin shed and seeing the first sun rays slowly create a red band along the stretch of horizon, we made our way from Wilmington and out of Flinders. On our way back we got to know that these mountains are an impressive 600-700 mio […]


A Remarkable Competition for the Alps

Let me just stand here in complete awe for a while, I am taking in the splendid view of the absolutely correctly named mountain range called The Remarkables. This area around them has it all and has to be on your bucket list. If you don’t have one yet, write it just for this place. […]