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Road Trip Day 6 – Seeing Thousands of Stones in Kata Tjuta

[:gb]Valley of the Winds, what a beautiful name and what an overpoweringly remarkable place as well. Just seeing from afar the huge round mountain range you can have no clue of what lies in store. Coming closer you get a sense of its enormity and suddenly you feel much smaller. [:de]Tal der Winde, was für […]


Day 7 – Ayers Rock the Aweinspiring, Magnificent, Unsurpassed…

[:gb]… Spectacular and Glorious were just some of the superlatives we brainstormed, inspired by our three hour walk around the base of the aboriginal culture’s natural mega monument. There is no vocabulary on earth that can give proper credit and a sufficient description to this enormous, beautiful stone in the middle of the Australian grassland […]