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Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon - A Sustainable Hotel // Review

When I travel for longer, I take some time off to just kick back and relax after all the sightseeing, hiking and getting lost-ing. After spending a week in the wonderfully vibrant city of Lisbon it was that time for me again and I was super happy to be invited by Inspira Santa Marta to discover a part of Lisbon I yet hadn’t seen. And a hotel that took me by surprise as well.

Must-Visit Sustainable Hotel in Lisbon - Keep your Conscience Clean and Mind Refreshed // Review

From Ruins to Rad

The hotel itself is a little gem. Yes, it is centrally located and pretty. But if you look beyond the cover, it will make you feel good in so many different ways. The interior design is fabulous, there is an on-site spa and giant windows everywhere to let in enough light but also keep the private feel. Can you believe that only eight years ago, the whole building didn’t even exist? In its stead stood three derelict buildings in a neighborhood that was going downhill (both metaphorically and literally).

The hotel founders had a big vision: they wanted to build Portugal’s first completely sustainable hotel. Fast forward and I’m now standing on a floor that is made from Portuguese stones. Also the wooden beams, furniture and decoration are all home-country-made. The food comes from nearby farmers and fisheries and is mostly seasonal.

Must-Visit Sustainable Hotel in Lisbon - Keep your Conscience Clean and Mind Refreshed // Review

The Difference between Green and Sustainable

That’s all good and well, but how can it be sustainable in itself, you may ask? A lot of hotels nowadays have jumped on the trend wagon of going green, saving energy and water, integrating products. But I found the Inspira went above and beyond with this. The hotel has a bunch of excellence certificates that proof they are not just doing the talk. They for instance have won the award for Leading Green Hotel in Europe in both 2014 and 2016.

More than that, the rooms are basically paperless with the bare minimum information in a handy booklet and a notepad for thoughts. No brochures or advertising are lying around and landing in bins. Magazines and newspapers are free through a hotel exclusive app. The heating comes from solar panels and the drinking water is specially filtered. Each purchase of a water bottle at the gluten-free restaurant is donated to the charity Pump Aid. What’s more, Inspira takes part in furthering the local community by donating to the Botanic Gardens, preparing a Christmas dinner for the homeless and picking up rubbish on Portugal’s Green Day.

Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon - A Sustainable Hotel // Review

Highly accessible

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might know that I am allergic to a lot of things, including dust mites. This hotel actually caters to us poor souls in having allergy-friendly rooms (ECARF certified). Plus, I already mentioned the gluten-free restaurant downstairs. Moreover, there are two rooms for guests with reduced mobility that include an adapted bathroom and toilet as well as ramps, elevators and larger parking spaces.

If after all this taken-care-of, you still need a special treat, there is also the ReTreat Spa. When I visited, it was super popular and booked out, so I didn’t get to try it. But I am not a wellness person anyway, I was much more into exploring Lisbon all day. With the location just two streets away from the metro and trams, I was quickly wherever I wanted to be. It took me not even half an hour to reach the fabulous Time Out Market, too.

Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon - A Sustainable Hotel // Review

The Room

There are different types of rooms in this sustainable hotel, all minimalist and designed around one of the five elements of Feng Shui. In fact, the whole hotel is designed in a minimalist style that is both stylish and comfortable. From the very beginning of the hotel’s creation, a Feng Shui consultant was on site and you can tell. No matter if you love Feng Shui or not, the result is great.

It didn’t feel like your standard hotel room, more like a small celebrity treatment. The colours of my water themed room were elegant greys and browns. The furniture and sideboards were super sleek and cleverly arranged. A special twist was having my shower in the middle of the room and despite the idea seeming odd, it was great. Also, there was a nice extendable writing desk, coffee tray and flat TV screen.

Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon - A Sustainable Hotel // Review

Should You Stay at the Inspira in Lisbon?

If you need to stay in the city centre but away from all the crowdy tourist spots, this place is ideal. If you are looking for a sustainable hotel, this is the best in all of Portugal (see the awards)! Once you step inside, it feels quiet and relaxed, which is exactly what the designers intended. The food is great, breakfast is included and the staff were extremely nice and welcoming. I honestly didn’t find any flaws. And I didn’t want to leave, but that’s life.

Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon - A Sustainable Hotel // Review


Inspira Santa Marta Hotel
R. de Santa Marta 48, 1150-297
+351 210 440 900

Have you ever stayed at a sustainable hotel? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I would like to thank the Inspira for hosting me for three nights in return for this post. As always, my opinion remains honest and entirely m own.

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  1. Looks fabulous! Thnaks for the great idea. I had just recently begun researching into Lisbon and it is always nice to get hotel suggetsions from people who have visited the place.

    1. Reply

      Hi Menorca, Lisbon is a great place! Have you been before? I can really recommend that hostel. It is a bit pricier but if you want to treat yourself and stay in a sustainable place, it’s absolutely worth it!

  2. Reply

    Actually I am planning a trip to Lisbon and this post is absolutely helpful for me! Thank you for sharing it! :)

    1. Reply

      Cool, Andrada! That’s perfect timing then. I am sure you’ll love Lisbon. It is a great city to walk around and see different neigbhourhoods. The public transport is super affordable. If you have time, plan in a day trip to Cascais and Sintra and spend a few hours in Belem. Have lots of fun!

  3. Reply

    Its great to know about a Sustainable Hotel in Lisbon . It looks fabulous. From rooms to breakfast , Its a deal choice for me. I would definitely like to stay here whenever I visit Lisbon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reply

    I honestly have never looking into sustainable hotels – I didn’t realize this was a thing. Thank you for the insight. If I don’t stay here, then at least I know for my next hotel booking

    1. Reply

      Hi Christine, I only started doing it this year. I came across more and more and their concepts blew me away. It’s such a great idea! Especially since travel (especially short term and with lots of flights) is not environmentally friendly at all. So this is a great approach!

    • Jen
    • 16/01/2017

    Gorgeous hotel. Definitely bookmarking this for when I visit Lisbon. Hopefully later this year.

    1. Reply

      Hi Jen, it really is gorgeous. Keeping my fingers crossed you can make it to Lisbon.

  5. I like that hotels are becoming more aware of their impact – and thus leading the way for other companies and individuals to follow suit. Sounds like a great place to stay!

    1. Reply

      Hi Sarah, I think it’s great, too! We need more change like this. :)

  6. Reply

    I love the idea of the shower in the middle of the room! This hotel sounds like it has got a lot going for it. Going green is the way forward without a doubt. Sounds like you had a great stay.

    1. Reply

      Hi Dominic, that idea was genius, wasn’t it? And I had did have a great stay. Can totally recommend this hotel.

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