How to Spend a Day Doing Nothing in Hobart

One of the greatest art museums in Australia! I love art but today I couldn’t be fazed. There were other museums in the city worth exploring but again, not this time. So what would I do during a mood that made me want to shun the major sites and touristy must sees? I just did what I usually do in a new city (especially if I have time to explore it): just get lost.

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Walking aimlessly around a city is the best way to better understand it and get a clearer picture of its vibe and lifestyle. I never understood how people can just stay in the city centre and flock from guide book advised site to site and fail to actually get familiar with the new country? It’s like showing up at a party and only feasting on cocktail snacks without speaking to anyone. You’re in the right place but definitely out of place and ignoring your hosts.

It doesn’t have to be cultural assimilation straightaway and you wouldn’t want to be presumptious and pretending to suddenly be all local expert, but at least trying to get a good image of life in a foreign country not only shows an open mind but also respect. Nothing worse than people who travel to just live in fenced off accommodation iolated from the city and eat off pizza and burgers in fancy restaurants wherever they go. Tourists are not travellers in the narrow sense, that’s my humble opinion.

So on this very uninspired day I was to just play it by ear and discover spots worthy of a lazy Sunday. And I was successful. So if you ever find yourself in a sitution where you want to let touristy things be and turn into an explorer, I hope you will find inspiration in his. It doesn’t have to be Hobart but if you ever like to go there, these are the places I discovered.

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Embracing the Sea at Constitution Dock

What better to start a lazy day than heading towards the sea and listening to seagull screams, rushing waves and the bubbling of boats bobbing on small waves? The quay suited this romantic idealisation of a peaceful harbour experience perfectly and would therefore find itself in my company for the morning.

Hobartis quite the lovely harbour side with picturesque private boats at anchor, old ships on display and an array of exquisite seafood establissements and fish n chips takeaways. Whether you are into that or not – like me – it is still nice to see all the people enjoying themselves with a fresh breeze sweeping through their hair and sun reflecting on their sunglasses.

Soaking up Lifestyle on Salamanca Markets

One of my favourite places of Hobart was the Salamanca Market. Although I wasn’t there on the regular Saturaday markt when all the stalls are set up and regional food is on display, the old brick houses host treasures for everyone who loves quality art and food. Among old passages and storage halls turned galleries and shops, I was in style paradise. I just wish I had a flat to decorate so I could splurge. Anyone wants to have some interior design make over?

I strolled through the shops and eased down on one of the many benches on the plaza with a sparkling fountain and let the sun shine on my face for as long as I felt like. It was apparently too much because the next day I had a red face. Unaware of that, I was idly daydreaming and soaking up the scents of nearby restaurants, all of which were not within my price range and so I moved on with a growling stomach.

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Traveling back in Time on Battery Hill

Lunch time was nearly over, my energy levels quite low and I was unsure if I could find something in the southestern part of the town. I nevertheless laboured up the hill, through a small park and past the heritage museum and found myself on quaint streets with colourful doors laced by fresh smelling roses. I was instantly remided on my trips around the Österlen region in Sweden.

Each street was another height of adorableness and I could not stop but take millins of pictures and even found the best bakery ever with the prettiest cakes and classiest quiches. It was hard to decide and I stood there for ages in front of the displays, torn between a chocolate layerd opera cake, a musli and nut filled piece of white chocolate cheesecake and double chocolat perfection with salted walnuts. I oped for the latter one since the first turned out to have coffee flavour and the second raisins in it.

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  • Get a fresh breeze in your hair, see one of the world’s oldest fishing boats and a bite of fish n chips at Constitution Dock
  • Relax in the many parks or on Salamanca Market
  • Stock up your decoration and edgy fashion supplies in the Arts Centre on Salamanca Market
  • Feast on good Tasmanian food in the many restaurants and shops on Salamanca Market
  • Have a stroll through picturesque Battery Hill
  • Find a great bakery and regional ice cream around Battery Hill (my tip: Jackman & McRoss bakery)

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