Highlights from Two Years of Solo Travels around the World (+ 20 Ultimate Bucketlist Ideas)

Grand Canyon in all its glory

Gosh, has it been that long?! Time flies when you’re having fun. My solo travels around the world weren’t all roses (well, maybe if you count a lot of thorns) but I don’t regret a thing. From persuaded to crazy things, such as licking a spicy ant’s butt or feeding giant tuna that snatch my arm around, leaving me confused and swimming straight back to the reeling, I had my fair share of adventures. I went to Australia, over to Japan, South Africa and ended up in the Caribbean on a weekend’s notice. It was a lifetime full of travels but I am not stopping there. And neither should you! I am doing these solo travels for myself but my blog is for you to feel inspired to do the same.

Highlights from Two Years of Solo Travels around the World (+ 20 Ultimate Bucketlist Ideas)Get your free travel planner

I am no super woman (How I wish I was, imagine the reduced flying costs!) and I had not amazing saving somewhere on the Caiman Islands. I am a terrible cheapskate and often quite broke, which leads me to trouble but also to meeting new amazing people. Have you ever had life-changing conversations with fellow travellers when staying in a hotel? Me neither. It all happened to me when I stayed at hostels and asked others for help or advise. And I am here to share my best-places-to-be advise right here and right now. But don’t forget to tell me YOUR favourite places in the world to help inspire my travels as well. The travel community is all about sharing stories and making the world a traveltastic place.

10 Places You Must See During Your Own Solo Travels

Solo travel around the world ideas - Japan

Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan is a breathtaking experience. Thousands of trees lining the alleys and riverbanks across the country, food is dyed pink and everybody is cheerful and on a mission to get a picnic spot.

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Solo travel around the world ideas - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, USA
The USA has so many amazing national parks and I was lucky to see the Grand Canyon with bits of snow everywhere. The air was crisp, the sunsets colourful and the tourist masses dwindling. It was perfect!

How not to Miss the Grand Canyon’s Spectacular Colours
Why You Should Not Be Missing Out on Bryce Canyon
The Pony Express Nevada – Are You brave Enough?

Solo travel around the world ideas - Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the most exciting and diverse little countries I saw. Jungles with feral cows, dragon boat races near beach promanades, electronic markets in the city centre and probably the longest escalator – you have got to visit.

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Solo travel around the world ideas - Copenhagen

Colourful Sweden
What comes to mind when you think of Sweden? Cute red houses in forests? Stockholm and its castle? To me, it’s beach huts in rainbow colours, castles by the beach and monastries with public gardens. Southern Sweden especially has so much to explore.

Awesome Places In South Sweden
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Solo travel around the world ideas - Prague

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague might not be the prettiest European capital, but it is vibrant, full of quirky side alleys and has amazing food if you know what to look out for.

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Solo travel around the world ideas - Esperance

Esperance, Australia
Esperance is one of the most beautiful spots in Australia. You have the white, squeaky beaches, the curious wildlife, the insane blue water and mountains to hike. Plus, you might get a dream beach all to yourself if you walk along the shore a bit. Pick and choose. Life can be good.

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Solo travel around the world ideas - London

London, England
London is a city I have a love-hate relationship with. It always changes, there isn’t a possible reason to be bored with it, it perfectly combines old and new and is just so darn pretty! Hyde park, Notting Hill, the British Museum. But don’t just stop in London, explore the whole country!

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Where to Find the Best London Street Food
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Solo travel around the world ideas - NYC

I never expected to fall head over heels for New York City. I thought it was hyped way too much, like Paris. But I was wrong. A mere week didn’t even allow me to see all of Manhattan! So big, so full of diverse areas, nice people, great food, relaxing parks and oh the skyline! Perfect for travel with a buddy or on solo travels.

How to Make the Most out of Your Stay in New York City on a Budget
When Lightning Strikes the Empire State Building (Video)

Solo travel around the world ideas - Bo Kaap

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town has a very unique vibe. No wonder it is the most visited tourist hot spot in all of Africa! Colourful beach huts and Bo Kaap, Malay cuisine, tiniest penguins and whale watching. If you love wine, then you can stop by Stellenbosch.

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Solo travel around the world ideas - Seoul

Seoul, South Korea
If you are in Seoul, check out Hongdae for the tasty street food and the nightly performances of wannabe future popstars. Gangam is best for fancy shopping and parties. To dine well and stock up on vintage furniture, make sure to check out Itaewon.

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Solo travel around the world ideas - Caribbean

The Caribbean is a great place to soak up the sun all year round thanks to its warm climate. The islands are all different, you can snorkel, you can hike in rainforests, you can hit the catamaran or board a train through sugar cane fields. Flying between islands is super expensive, better stay on one island or book a cruise (i loved going on a cruise as a solo traveller, by the way).

How to See the Most of the Caribbean Islands
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Solo travels around the world ideas - Wanakas

Wanaka, New Zealand
New Zealand really looks like the scenes you know from Lord of the Rings. Only in real life it is so much better! No matter if you go in winter or summer, it is a perfect place – especially for first-time travellers and backpackers. A good idea to start your solo travels here.

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10 Activities You Must Do On Your Own Solo Travels

Solo travels around the world ideas - Uluru

Walk around Uluru
Do a base walk around Uluru or fly over it. It is the most magical place I have ever encountered and it cannot be captured in photos or videos. You HAVE to see it for yourself. But please do not climb the Ayers Rock.

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Solo travels around the world ideas - Great Barrier Reef
Snorkel Australian reefs
It doesn’t have to be the Great Barrier Reef – it has suffered enough with all the masses of tourism and pollution. Why not try the Ningaloo Reef instead and swim with giant manta rays? Just never forget to not approach the wild animals or touch the reef. These animals (yes, corals are animals) are not in a public petting zoo. Watch, don’t touch.

Top 6 Things You Must Dos in Airlie Beach
Where the Sand Turns to Towers with Aussie Wanderer

Solo world travel idea - hanbok in Seoul

Wear a hanbok in Seoul
If you are in Seoul, there are so many Korean food items you need to try. But to have a spectacular, rent a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress, and get free entrance into the palaces. Clapping and cheer wherever you go is free of charge.

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen
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Solo travels around the world ideas - Costa Rica
Walk the Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica
If you want to visit Costa Rica, you can see four different types of rainforests. One super popular activity is walking the hanging bridges and ziplining through the clouds. It is not as scary as it sounds and so worth it!

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Solo travel around the world ideas - Schwerin
Castle Hopping in Germany
We have so many castles here in Germany. In the small state of Saxony there are 50 alone! I visited seven castles in three days.

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Solo travel around the world ideas - safari

Go on Safari
To see the Big Five once in a Life-Time is on many bucketlists. And rightly so. You can have one near Cape Town, for instance, where you will also be quite safe from any malaria fear. Book a tour (especially good for solo travels), grab your camera (with a big lens) and then spot the giants.

What an African Safari with the Big 5 Is Really Like
Cape Town in All Its Colours

Solo travel around the world ideas - penguins

Fairy Penguins
See the world’s tiniest penguins in Australia, for example. You can spot them in Melbourne at St Kilda, go to Philip Island and listen to their strange sounds. They quite resemble ducks in their weird croaking. YOU could also go to Cape Point in South Africa or Dunedin in New Zealand.

Tiniest Penguins, Cuddliest Koalas and Stunning Shores – A Day Out on Phillip Island
Melbourne – A Hipster’s Paradise

Solo travels around the world ideas - Mt Fuji

Climb Mountains
Even if you are not a big fan of hiking – I certainly wasn’t before I started my solo travels – the views will always be worth it. Just don’t forget to wear good hiking shoes and pack the right equipment.

How to Master Your Outdoor Adventure Packing Skills (+ Packing Ideas)
Don’t Miss these Outdoor Adventures in the Harz, Germany

Solo travels around the world ideas - Prague

Dance in the Streets
No matter where you are in the world, you need to make the most of it and enjoy every minute. Plug in your headphones, dance like no one is watching, try out new things, challenge yourself and say yes more!

Why You Should Really Take Your Time with Travelling
18 Clever Ways to Take Solo Travel Photos
Screw the Backpacker Lifestyle I’ll Go Flashpacking

Which of these 20 ideas for your next solo travels around the world have you already ticked off your bucketlist? Or did you add some? Follow me on instagram for more travel inspiration.

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