Social Media Like a Boss – Instagram Pt.2

I still have a long way when it comes to spot on instagram photography and as I mentioned in the first part of our Social Media Like a Boss series, seeking out professional accounts that intrigue and inspire you is key. You need to be able to learn from the best of the best and understand different techniques and approaches before you can develop your own style. A little experimenting is necessary. So now without further ado, here are some of my personal favourites on instagram. They have varying styles and topics but have some serious arrangement skills and eye for detail. Each photo is telling a story! So before your brain explodes over all things instagram just enjoy these square photography gems. And let me know what your favourites are.


If you want to see Soul from a fresh new perspective with an eye for detail, geometrical lines and the beauty in the mundane, then Ken from Seoul_StateOfMind will delight you. True, Seoul is much more colourful in real life but the aesthetics of this instagram account still brilliantly catch the soul of Seoul.

Liz from Young Adventuress is one of the most inspiring travel bloggers out there and is even better as an instagrammer. Her photos brilliantly capture different moods and the diversity of New Zealand’s landscapes. And if you want to see Spain as well, she is currently snapping from there.

What would you do when you were diagnosed that you were going blind? Lara from LoveWalkEatSee is a true inspiration in that she has found her strength and decided to make the most of her remaining eye sight and share her own unique view on instagram. Her captures are focal and poignant but make us marvel at all the little things we tend to overlook.

A photo posted by @lovewalkeatsee on

Tess and Scott from Aussie Travelers have a neck for the exotic. It sure helps to travel all the way through Asia and Europe but the way each photo invites us along on their action-filled journey should not fill you with envy but with energy to chase your dreams as well!

I am super happy to announce a fellow German among my top 5 travelgrammers. Nancy from NeleBlue might not show her face very often but the way she turns her back to us draws the viewer into the picture and right to wherever in the world she is chasing in the sun.


Every time look at Melissa Findley‘s gallery, I feel the urge to buy one of those handy polaroid cameras. But even so the way she is arranging her freshly printed shots in front of her subject causing an insta inception is just splendid.

If I could only use three words to describe Alex Strohl‘s instasnaps then it would be wanderlust, freedom and wilderness. Where the frontier has long been gone, he rediscovers it. Nature might be caught in a photograph but tamed it is not.

Joe Greer‘s pictures do raise the same associations but sometimes with a little ‘cowboy’ flair. With a slight sepia tinge and a feeling of nostalgia, his human subjects almost seem like impassive props compared to their vast surroundings.

With Simone Bramante‘s world of visual story telling, his protagonists are placed at the centre in opposition with the most stunning landscapes. However, not as conquerors but observants, allowing the viewer their own way of seeing past them into the wide world.

If I told you Gary Arndt was working for National Geographic as a photographer, you wouldn’t be surprised. Once glance at his gallery and to me photography somewhat takes on a life of its own. The closest things to Harry Potter’s moving images.

Fashion & Lifestyle

A world of colour promises Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl and she certainly delivers in her glamorous outfits, flower bouquets and exotic destinations. Life as a jetsetter at its best!

The living proof that you can make it after winning a model contest, Miss Switzerland contest in 2011 to be more precise. Kristina Bazan with her site Kayture not only delivers the looks and style but also fierce social media savviness that got her an invitation for holding a lecture at Oxford. Kudos to that!

It is often said that a petite frame can only pull off cute well. I say utter nonsense. Just check out Willabelle from Paledivision and you will be hard pressed to call her just cute.Sexy, classy, effortlessly chic is more what comes to mind but always with an urban touch. even is she is standing in the middle of a desert.

Ein von @willamazing gepostetes Foto am

Another fashion crush of mine is Aimee Song from Song of Style. From skyscrapers to luxury pools and pretty backdrops, Aimee sure know how to shine a light on fashion, travel and a life of beauty.

A little more gloomy than her fellow fashion grammers, Margaret Zang shows us the life of the rich and famous. From glamorous hotel rooms with white ornaments and golden mirrors to yacht cruises and photoshoots with famous models, fashion jetsetting has never felt so close.

Sharing Communities

Now, if you’ve got what it takes and want to be seen by thousands, why not post your masterpiece with the hashtag #photooftheday for a chance to be featured? Bright colours and soft backgrounds seem to go well here.

Ein von @photooftheday gepostetes Foto am

Do you prefer the subject of architecture, both in human made creations and nature? This community shares the most amazing findings with the hashtag #allshots_ and gloomier pictures seem to make the cut.

Ein von All Shots (@all_shots) gepostetes Foto am

for travel related pictures screaming freedom and wanderlust, use the hashtag #globalyodel and you might find yourself between mountain climbers and beach goers in their best light.

If you belong to those that know how to make a waterfall look all smooth and clouds like a blur… You know, those who talk shutters and iso all day, then check out this community’s photos. To have your own featured, use #princely_shotz.

There are so many impressive accounts out there and people whose new job title is professional instagrammer! The world is ever changing and yes, sometimes it is alright to put things in boxes and be the square one. If you like to learn more about other social platforms, feel free to subscribe to get the secret password.

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