Sad Recap of My Ending Australian Adventures

It is done. The time has come to say goodbye. Australia has been my home for 7 months and now it will no longer be. I must say I am slightly sad but at the same time way too excited to have a heart break. That is the thing with travellers, they always seek novelty and the last destination already pales in the light of the next. Moving on, not looking back (except to share my stories and photos with you for your own next travels). So let’s have a recap together and I even have a little present for you!

This Way, Please

I have been asked a lot where I’ve been in Australia and I say “mostly everywhere.” Take this with a pinch of salt because a true traveller knows that it is impossible to ever see ‘everything’. But let’s face it, I have seen most of what people come to see in Australia. And all in one go! The only spot that has been left uncovered by my trusted hiking shoes (which suck on wet surfaces, so much for ‘hiking’ shoes.) is the North-West between Broome and Darwin.

To give you an idea of all the routes I undertook, I have created a little graphic for you because we are all visual people in a way, aren’t we? If you have been to Australia, let me know if we have shared routes! I always like to hear of other people having experienced the same things and hear their own take on it!

Oceania travel total2

It’s Time for Lists

So naturally, I have already piled up a list of places I will see once and if I get back to Australia. It includes the following: Karijini National Park, swimming with the manta rays in Ningaloo, Broome, the Kimberleys, more of Arnheim, Melville Island, Daintree National Park, Eungella National Park (for platypi) and Mount Wellington on Tassie. That is quite the list.

However, I also have a list of all the places I’ve been to. But since that one is remarkably long, I will only give you my top 5: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Kangaroo Island, Cape LeGrand National Park, the stromatolites and Whitehaven Beach.

Then I’ve got a list of things I hadn’t done before coming here and (reluctantly or no) did: eat and actually like beetroot, snorkel, climb super steep mountains, eat with a kangaroo, hold a koala, cuddle a dingo, do sandboarding, lick an ants butt and sleep in a swag. If you are interested in more crazy things I did, take a look at one of my older blog posts.

And this One’s for You

So since I am in list mode, I thought I give you one for your own adventures. Whether you have already ticked off Australia off your bucket list or not yet, you might like to use this little bingo table to just check off animals you know and have seen (or pester your friends with it, you know those that ‘have seen it all and been everywhere’).

Let me know how you’re doing at bingo or what your personal must see list is. One thing I can let you know, though, you wouldn’t want to play this bingo with me. If you want to know why, click on the picture. And don’t forget to share your innermost thoughts in the comments. Or just say hello.

animal table-travelonthebrain (2)

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  1. Such an enormous country. You were fortunate to explore so much. I was there for only a few days but enough to cement the longing to return.

    1. Hi Elaine! You are absolutely right. It is incredibly huge. I totally underestimated it when I came. Where did you go? What was your favourite place? And do you have any actual plans to come back in the near future? I wish you a great day!

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