If Heaven Were Made out of Pancakes It Would be Called Pancake Parlour

As I am writing this, I am mentally encouraging my stomach to digest even faster than usual (I have a pretty good metabolism, which unfortunately also means that I am hungry most of the time). The reason being, that I just didn’t want to leave this place of major pancake crush. With such a massive amount of pancake staples on offer, it is pretty hard to decide but while my stomach is working hard, I have time to browse the menu.


My interest has been pretty much already piqued by the staff introducing me to this week’s Pancake Parlour special of Orange Poppyseed Pancakes with poppyseed buttermilk dripped over vanilla ice cream and hugged by warm orange syrup and a mint leaf on top. Mouth-watering right there. Ok, I’m sold. To quench my thirst, I order a home-made lemon iced tea – and there it is again, the faint mint taste. Is there a common theme? Maybe it is just my flavour of the day.

After trying to slowly savour my drink, which is pretty hard because it is just too good, I recall the taste of my chicken parmigiana on a pancake. Yes, you read that right, chicken on a pancake. Well, I am in the Pancake Parlour, after all. There’s nothing that is not pancaky about the menu. Pancakes, crepes or waffles, it all revolves around the flour and egg based dish that rises to enormous highs on the rotating pans that are open for viewing from the dining area. The pancakes are thick and filling, one small stack might even do the trick, so I wait and continue reading the menu.


Sweet pancakes or savoury pancakes, salads or ice cream treats, the Pancake Parlour surely knows how to whip up a feast and this choice might be a little bit too much for indecisive foodies like me. I want to try everything! Even earlier I had a hard time deciding between the savoury menu items of Chicken Parmigiana and Barramundi Fillets. Both served on a pancake and accompanied by a side salad. Ultimately, I am glad about my choice because the combination of faint pancake flavour with the crispy chicken, Napoli sauce and molten cheese was divine.

Dining out at the Pancake Parlour is not too easy on a backpacker’s budget with 2 pancakes costing $11.90, but with many specials of 4 pancake stacks for the price of 2, it can be quite affordable. Plus, it is super filling. If you are a student, why not check out the student menu that caters to the mostly empty pockets and fills up the stomach in turn. A good deal, I would say. A nice distraction to all the dry uni literature and homework is also found on the racks next to the eating booths. Magazines wait for a casual browse and are perfectly suited to pass the time until the order arrives. Another interesting read is the restaurant’s history.


The story of this family owned Australian business is as quirky as is its decor. Fifty years ago, three friends opened up The Pancake Kitchen in Adelaide to serve coffee and simple pancakes. The otherwise hard to get coffee was soon a hit and the fact that every customer could let the cook know about their desired topping was so great that soon a menu became necessary to cater even better to the returning customers. What ensued from that was part of the dining experience. The menu was printed on brown cardboard packaging and thus barely readable. This attracted more guests for the heck of it and demand in other Australian capitals arose. The rest is history.

While I was reading this, my pancake stack arrived and the ice cream started to run from their warmth. Just looking at it was delicious and the pancakes were soon gone. By now, my stomach was seriously full and I couldn’t possibly squeeze in any more. Good thing that upon leaving the friendly greeter at the welcome desk handed me a voucher and two bonbons for on the way – a common treat for all guests. The Pancake Parlour really knows how to spoil people. So if you’re in town, get yourself spoilt as well.


There are many different locations all over Melbourne, one of them is
Pancake Parlour
Centrepoint Arcade
Bourke Street Mall
(03) 9654 1893

Many thanks to the Pancake Parlour for introducing me into their world of lovely pancake creations.


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