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Road Trip Day 6 – Seeing Thousands of Stones in Kata Tjuta

[:gb]Valley of the Winds, what a beautiful name and what an overpoweringly remarkable place as well. Just seeing from afar the huge round mountain range you can have no clue of what lies in store. Coming closer you get a sense of its enormity and suddenly you feel much smaller. [:de]Tal der Winde, was für […]

Journey Journal

A Neck for Bad Luck

[:gb]This month hasn’t been very kind to me. Ever since I got out of my tour bus at Darwin, bad luck Has been sticking to my very heels. Every now and then it had me believe of its disappearance and then it jumped right back at me, cheerfully bursting out a big ‘boo’. Today was […]

Accommodation Reviews

A Hostel with a View – Base Magnetic Island

[:gb,de] Party Level [:gb]I don’t particularly have a warm spot in my heart for X Base Hostels. They are alright, but lack in charm and lots of the hostel guests are just messy and loud party people as far as my experience goes. So it was nice to see that it did confirm my expectations […]

Foodie Fest Recipes

Recipe Corner: Dancing as Light as a Feather with the Pavlova Cake

[:gb]Australian and New Zealandian common desserts are at best light snacks, such as cookies and chocolate bars. It is refreshing to see that there is a cake that originated from this area of dry foods. Ironically, it was created for a Russian dancer. As to its exact origin, there has always been some debate, so […]