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5 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know about Australian Animals

Kangaroos are Breeding Machines This is really weird but female kangaroos are constantly pregnant. Unless they are in a severely life threatening situation for a period of time, such as droughts, they have a joey outside their pouch, in their pouch and an embryo waiting in line. I think this would have been Queen Victoria’s […]

Australia Reviews Road Trip Tours

Great Ocean Road Tour Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

[:gb]This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Clouds rolling overhead and rain drops collecting on the windows, we were afraid the day would no longer be kind to us on our drive along the world famous Great Ocean Road with Groovy Grape Tours. And it had all started so well. Hot sunshine basked our […]

Destination Dos

Fun Facts about My 6 Favourite Cemeteries so far

[:gb]Have you ever come across a cemetery and were completely enchanted? Granted, you should not be afraid or frown upon these places of immortalised memories, but I have a particular appreciation for them. If there is a cemetery nearby, you can be sure that I have visited it and taken lots of photos of stones […]

Culture Code Festivities

Grooving Around the Graves on Halloween

[:gb]Boo! A very happy – or creepy ? – Halloween to you! Today is the 31st and that means that all the creatures from the netherworld are out and about, roaming the earth, doing more mischief than normal and are just generally having a good time. Did you that the original fest is of Celtic […]