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So I am hanging out with my friend Google, who tells me a lot about all the places in the USA. With 50 states and a landmass roughly the same as Australia (the US scores place 4 among the largest countries and Australia places 6), there is a lot to choose from and I am mighty bad at choosing. So when North Dakota commissioned me to write about its beautiful nature, I was intrigued and surprised by what I found.

Even though my adventure will entail the East Coast, I still have a peek at all the states I would love to visit, which means all of the states. And I have made an interesting discovery. The state that is the least visited by tourists is North Dakota. Since I have a heart for the underdog, I want to see what there is that should be visited! Let's show some love for all states!

Why should North Dakota be on your list for awesome outdoor adventures? // Sponsored

An Open Eye on the Highway

North Dakota is known for its endless roads through fields and grasslands. To most this sounds boring, to me it sounds like a proper US road trip view! And since that does get boring for commuters and regular drivers, there is the unique Enchanted Highway with metal artworks every mile or so. It was the brainchild of a retired teacher who wanted to keep his fellow North Dakotians awake. How nice!


A Heart for Nature

Ok, but let's step off the highways and into nature because that's where North Dakota excels. Not for nothing did the famous explorers Lewis and Clark spend most of their time in this state (and have now their own hiking trail named after them). Just looking at the pictures and the lush green forests and prominent mountains, I want to pull out my hiking shoes again. And since it is not visited as often, as, say, Hawaii, its nature is much more unspoiled and its wildlife in pretty good shape.


Leading a Wild Life

Speaking of animals, if you are into spotting them, know that North Dakota has the most wildlife refuges in all of the country! I think it is great that animals are so protected here and you can even spot the sacred albino buffalos, called White Cloud and Dakota Miracle in the National Buffalo Museum Preserve in Jamestown.


#ad  Why should North Dakota be on your list for awesome outdoor adventures?
Theodore Roosevelt park

Get Active

So if you are not spotting birds or hiking through grand landscapes, what else is there to do? Come on! How about fishing, biking, golfing, camping, boating, horseback riding, wildlife viewing… need I say more? How about hopping on a canoe and paddling along rivers and lakes, taking a look at Native American villages or checking out one of the last remaining bonanza farms in the USA?


On the Trail of History

If you want to combine the best of nature North Dakota has to offer and its rich history (and feel a little lazy), why not get behind the wheel and discover one of the many drives and byways? A popular route is the Sakakawea Scenic Byway, for instance. And for those who prefer reading up on history on top of following its trails, there are plenty of museums to choose from.


Were you aware of all the things you can do in North Dakota? Which one would you be most interested in?


I would like to thank Tourism North Dakota for paying for this post. Without their incentive I wouldn’t have known what great trails North Dakota has on offer. You always learn something new. I love it! By the way, all photos are provided by Tourism North Dakota.

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