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I came in way too early from the airport, severely sleep deprived and off my head, which puzzled the staff of the Launceston Backpackers Hostel slightly but being a professional, they were all nice and helpful and even though my room wasn’t ready, they wanted to get right onto it. No worries, I said, and headed out to the main and somehow not too well known attraction as recommended to me by the receptionist.


Just a stone’s throw away from all the sights of Launceston, the Launceston Backpackers are ideally placed. With a tranquil park in its front, you don’t even need to go far to just unwind and relax in the green. The best place for a walk in nature, however, is the Cataract Gorge, which is a short 20 minute walk away. Supermarkets are literally just a street away and open quite long.

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The hostel has everything you need. A big kitchen and adjacent dining room, a TV room with a DVD collection and laundry facilities. Outside there was even a nice backyard to hang your clothes. Also, each floor has their own bathrooms. The kitchen is well stocked and I was happy that there were enough pans and kitchenware to allow for proper cooking. You don’t get that everywhere.


Everything was super neat and clean. Even when I arrived and the cleaners were about to start their work did the kitchen look inviting. My room was tidy and looked well taken care off and I can’t say anything bad about the showers either. Nice one!


To store your luggage, there is an extra storage room available. No lockers, though.

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Fitting in perfectly with the cute vintage houses that are so typical Launceston, the hostel gives off the same vibe. A red brick stone building with wooden beams and big staircases, the hostel merges old and new. The inside is held very practical but inviting.


I definitely recommend the Launceston Backpackers for your stay in Launceston. It is a low budget but well kept hostel with a homely feel and great location. The staff were very welcoming and informative and the hostel guests not the usual loud party crowd. In fact, everything appeared very grown up and orderly, which I greatly appreciated.


Launceston Backpackers
103 Canning Street
Launceston TAS 725
Phone: +61 3 6334 2327
Mail: [email protected]

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