Kangaroo Island Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored. This post was sponsored. “Kangaroo Island is like Australia in a nutshell.” I am not quite sure I can agree with that since the third largest island of the country has so many unique features and should be viewed as its own entitiy. Also, the comment has an underlying tone of repetitiveness and boredness, which I cannot understand. I came with no expectations and left with a piece of my heart missing. It was just too beautiful.


Chilly Chilling

The weather did not look promising at the beginning of our first Kangaroo Island Tour day with Groovy Grape Tours. Rain pouring down our windows made it hard for us the appreciate the landscape and the climb up Flinders Mountain was rather dreary. Luckily, weathers change rapidly by the coast and so it did with Kangaroo Island as well. Thus, we got to see a resting seal colony in Seal Bay underneath a thick sky of clouds and waves bringing more seals to the shore where they instantly assumed a dreaming position. Baby seals slept huddled up in groups while grown up males and females were already practicing their wooing skills for the coming mating season.

PicMonkey Collage

Active on water and sand

To not catch the sleeping bug, we crossed half the island and suddenly the ocean was gone and instead there was a desert. Little Sahara was just perfect for some sand boarding and so we each held onto a board and down we went the white sandy slopes. Staying in the active mode, the group split and some went kayaking while the others explored the island on quad bikes. The whole day as full of activities and cool places and we happily snored away once we landed on the farm we were staying at.


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