You Know You’ve Been in Japan Too Long When…

How Japanese are you? Tick off the numbers.

  1. You bow to the bus driver.
  2. You have your daily naps on public transport.
  3. You never check your change. It is always correct.
  4. You believe that pickpockets and thieves do not exist in your country.
  5. You have a set of allergy masks ready for pollution, pollination and sick days.


  6. You patiently queue directly next to the entrance door of your train compartment.
  7. You like your noodles topped with a runny egg.
  8. You think seaweed goes with everything, even bread.
  9. You eat cold noodles with a little soy sauce as a refreshing meal.
  10. You wait until eating your street food until you see a bin or eat it directly where you bought it.

  11. You consider investing in coloured contacts and wigs.
  12. You expect little sealed packages with spoon and chopsticks upon buying yogurt and lunch boxes.
  13. You expect menus with pictures and plastic meals in the shop fronts.
  14. You constantly nod and agree throughout conversations.
  15. You fall over in raptures come spring and the trees start blooming.

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  16. You expect public baths to be separated, with no clothes policy and super hot pools.
  17. You invested in a beige trench coat if you’re female or black coat
  18. You find it the most normal thing to read manga in public.
  19. You let loose after being all prim and proper at work and become a rock star during a night out, including karaoke.
  20. You have stocked up on a wide range of beauty products.


  21. You are surprised to find soap in public toilets, let alone foaming one.
  22. Your idea of female beauty involves perfectly coiffed wavy hair, big eyes and cute outfits.
  23. Your bags and cellphones and glittery, colourful and cute little figures dangling from them.
  24. You wonder why absolutely no one ever wears traditional outfits.
  25. You are desperately looking for adorable socks with lace, prints or faces on them.

  26. You always have some coins ready for a shrine or temple you might make a quick wish at.
  27. You take your suitcase with you when going clothes shopping.
  28. You are appalled by the general cleanliness of streets other than those in Japan.
  29. You insist on people sitting no matter if they want to or not.
  30. You think it is very surprising to not see unique street lamps and gully covers in each district.


  31. You are looking for the next soft ice vendor on a day out.
  32. You are surprised when trains are late.
  33. You open your books from the back and want to read from right to left.
  34. You rush to pick up something that has fallen down.
  35. You have mastered sitting on your legs on low tables and do not bother anymore when your feet go numb.
  36. You accept receipts and business cards with both hands.

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    1. iHola Claudio e Claudia!Thanks for checking out my blog and liking my blog post on Japan. I totally agree with you that smoking policies are very weird around here, although I have never had a problem with it. But maybe because I prefer street snacking instead of going to restaurants here. When did you go to Japan? Happy travels to you, two!

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