How to Easily Master Your In Flight Beauty Routine

How to Easily Master Your In Flight Beauty Routine

This post contains affiliate links. Flights can be stressful enough as it is without having to worry about your in flight beauty routine. But if you don’t want to look and feel like a scarecrow after having salivated on your shirt, smeared your make up and ruffled up your brittle hair (worst case scenario), then you need to take a few simple steps to feel fresh as a daisy. Of course you won’t need to copy beauty gurus and supermodels in their strict in flight beauty routine (though you can) but you can adopt a few helpful tricks here and there. Here are the top 5 tips you should know about.

How to Easily Master Your In Flight Beauty Routine in 6 Steps

Prep Your Equipment

If your checked in luggage contains bottles with liquids, such as shampoos and lotions, make sure you put them in extra plastic bags in case they explode due to the pressure change. That can sometime shappen and you wouldn’t want the gooey mass al over your clothes. If you have already opened the bottles, they are in even higher risk. A quick fix is to open the top and put cling foil at the opening. Then screw the lid on again. To have your essentials ready during the flight, fill some of your liquids into portable and TSA approved bottles. This is also a good idea if you only travel with a carry on and don’t want to buy new products after landing.


This is rule number one and there is no negotiation possible. You have got to drink! And drink plenty. No excuses! Yes, you might want to run to the toilet a lot but yes, you must drink. And you must drink plenty before you hit the airport, during and after the flight. Your body looses a lot of liquid through sweating and adjusting to different climates. Also the air in the cabin will do its best to leave you feeling thirsty and your skin dehydrated. A good idea is to bring your own water bottle – preferably with a filter. Fill it up before you leave and drink it bit by bit so that it is empty at security. When you’re through, fill it up at a water fountain, the bathroom sink or ask a nice member of staff at a restaurant or even fast food chain (McDonald’s has always been super nice with this).


When you board the plane, you will necessarily touch a lot of surfaces. Those usually are not sanitised perfectly so unless you want to accumulate germs on your skin (and spread them by touching your face in thought or resting your head on your hands, for instance), you should wash your hands in the bathroom. After sitting, sanitise the area around you: the arm rests, the screen and buttons in front of you as well as the tray. You might as well leave the magazines alone, they are germy, too. But don’t start spraying the area, that’s just rude. Instead, sanitise your hands.


Now that you have battled the germs during your flight beauty routine, you can start taking care of your skin. Remove all your make up with a wiping towel. Then spray your face with moisturiser (make sure to not spray other people around you). Afterwards, apply a clear moisturising mask and let it sit for a while before you peel it off. When your face is refreshed, you can apply a deep moisturising lotion that will nourish your skin during your sleep. Don’t forget hand lotion!

General Hygiene

As always with any beauty routine, you need to brush your teeth before and after sleep. For this, carry your toothbrush and –paste in your carry-on bag to have ready when needed. To keep your hair fresh, you can also spray it with special moisturiser and apply dry shampoo before landing to give it back its bounce. You can also change your clothes once you land. The luggage is never on the conveyor belt when you race towards it anyway. It seems to always take its sweet time.

How are you feeling now? I hope not overwhelmed. The most important thing to remember is to sanitise, moisturise and remove your make up. There is nothing worse than your skin all clogged upand eye lashes breaking off. you do it at home, so you have to do it during flights as well.

Do you have an in flight beauty routine?Are you thinking of creating one? What are your in flight beauty essentials?

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