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2 Weeks in Japan - Where to Go, What to See

Travel on the Brain is accepting guest posts from fellow bloggers again! This is your opportunity to widen your reach, get presence on another blog and show off your expertise. My current DA is 34, so let’s get kicking, shall we?

Please note: if you are a company seeking sponsored articles and link placement, please enquire for rates and packages here.


I am looking for topics on “X itinerary”, “day trips from X”, “places to eat in X” and “places to visit in X”. Feel free to make a suggestion for one of these categories and a specific country or city if it isn’t listed below:

  • COUNTRY ITINERARIES: Morocco, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Ireland (7 days), Scotland, Moscow to St Petersburg, Greece, Ghana (7 days), Switzerland, Hong Kong Macau, Bali, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Spain, Romania
  • CITY ITINERARIES: Budapest (3 days), Berlin (3 days), Rome (3 days)
  • DAY TRIPS FROM: Madrid, Barcelona, Budapest, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Florence, Arizona, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Delhi, Brisbane, Berlin, Baltimore, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Dublin, Edinburgh, Auckland, Athens, Paris, Copenhagen
  • BOUTIQUE HOTELS: Auckland, Brisbane, Berlin, Boston, Dublin, San Diego, Florence, Bali, Bath, Aruba
  • THINGS TO DO IN: Riga, Latvia

Got an idea for a great blog post? Send me your proposal and outline as well as your blog link to travelonthebrain [at] gmx [dot] net.


Please do not submit a prewritten post, but communicate your idea first with me. I will send you the guidelines again if your idea is accepted but here is what I am asking for:

  • Posts need to be at least 800 words long, ideally 1000-1500 words. Google and readers love in depth informative pieces and higher views lead to more clicks, higher ranking and more visibility for the post and your blog link.
  • Each post is prefaced by these sections: Best time to visit, what to pack, how to get around, what to eat
  • I will let you know the keyword and you need to use it 4-6 times throughout the article but make it sound naturally. I reserve the freedom to edit the text later, e.g. to insert more keywords or affiliate links.
  • If you have high quality photos (without you in them) feel free to send them to me with a width of 650 pixels. Otherwise, I will source them from Unsplash or my own database.
  • Do not even think of plagiarism or double postings. The article needs to be original and cannot be reposted or be a repost.

I will link to your blog name as well as to a relevant post your have on your blog. Every post is also shared on my own social media platforms (+50K followers) to gain more traction.

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