Your Ultimate Australian Farmstay with Coodlie Park on the Eyre Peninsula // Sponsored

Just a little off Flinders Highway near Port Kenny you can find the quiet farm retreat Coodlie Park. In the middle of golden barley fields and shady gum trees, cottages, a YHA and campsite greet visitors that are looking for a classic Australian getaway in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

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Your Ultimate Australian Farmstay with Coodlie Park on the Eyre Peninsula // Sponsored

Be an Explorer

The Eyre Peninsula on which the farm is placed has a lot to offer and can be explored by car or through different private tours guided by Coodlie Park’s owner Hassie himself. Why not head out to the private beach to watch an amazing sunset over the red rocks and roaring waves while sitting on soft sand? If you are keen on exploring the native wildlife in the dark or have a glimpse into the southern sky with the very special constellation of the duck (seriously!), there are options for that, too.

Places to things to discover are, for instance, coastal beach walks, Gawler Ranges National Park and marine wildlife swims. There is so much you can do and see here, but the best way to see all of the Eyre Peninsula’s beauty is via the Xplore Eyre tour, which I went on and loved. There were so many pristine beaches to visit, yummy food to taste and outback to hike through. On the tour you will get the whole package and get to see all different kinds of places in a comfortable safari vehicle.


If you just want to relax on the farm or stroll through the bushlands, that is fine as well. For example, I did some bird spotting around the campsite since someone had seen a blue fairy wren. One of the cutest and most beautiful birds I have ever seen! Or you could just play with the cute farm dog Maggie. She loves chasing games!

Living a Green Life

In fact, Hassie and his wife Jo have done a splendid job in maintaining a farm based on ecological principles. An ecological footprint is very important to them. Not only is one third of the extensive property used for environmental rehabilitation but electrical and gas supply is green as well. Water used is caught rainwater, which is also recycled for farm use and all rubbish is diligently recycled.

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Another really great invention are the campsite showers. Even though they are a pretty new installation, they have already reduced the water usage by visitors immensely. Basically it is a bucket shower and works like this: you fill up a bucket with heated up rain water and pour it into the shower bucket, which you then pull up and can turn on and off. It gives you about 3 minutes of showering, which is definitely enough. I even had water left and was clean. It makes you rethink the carefree and wasteful approach to water supplies.

If you want to make sure to offset your own travel footprint, you can also get involved in the farms own seed collection program that sees to plant native trees and helping it grow in the first year to ensure no losses. You are always free to ask all about the environmental program and any other questions you might have.


For All Budgets

Whether you are a backpacker on a budget, a family looking for a weekend getaway or looking for an Australian experience in style, Coodlie Park has it figured out. You can camp with your own vehicle in the campgrounds and sleep in little huts in swags with a camp kitchen, a flushing toilet and the unique bucket showers or opt for a bed in the YHA or private cottages.

Of course, the ultimate wildlife experience would be a swag night underneath the stars and surrounded by native bushes and nocturnal animals but if that’s not for you, then you can sit back and relax in the couches with a TV screen and billiard table in the common room of the YHA, with its quirky outback decorative signs and drawings.

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The private cottages are more for the upper end customers who want their own little space all complete with modern living room, kitchen and bathroom facilities. No outback in here but right in front of your porch you can sit outside and watch the canopy of stars shine overt the fields and trees. With a continental breakfast or exclusive local seafood dining options, you can just sit back and relax on your holidays and not worry about cooking yourself.

Lend a Helping Hand

Apart from participating in the seed and replanting program, why not use your stay in Australia to support a farm through WWOOFing? On the farm you can help out in all kinds of areas. For instance, one WWOOFer with a background in construction work is currently working on upgrading the campsite buildings and errecting new swag huts. Or you could help out with the farming work. Then there is also the accommodation to look after. In short, all help is welcome and you can always approach Hassie and Jo if you have any questions.



Coodlie Park Farm Retreat
Hassie and Jo
Phone: (+61) 08-8687-0411
Email: [email protected]

I would like to thank Nullarbor Traveller again for having me as a guest. My opinion is as always my own.


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