Oh Say Can You See Me Conquering the USA?

It’s time for an update, don’t you think? I have been trying to calm down a bit, scramble up the pieces of suffering from culture shock after culture shock over to reverse culture shock and the fact that I have a room full of crap to get rid of, sort out and a blog to attend to as well as so many of you that are asking me all kinds of travel related questions on social media. Don’t get me wrong, keep ’em coming. That’s what I am here for. Just let me take a breather. Or not.

I am trying to sort out what to write over the next coming months while I am trying to find new ways to stock up my travel budget (call me a freelancer now, yay!), scheme on new travel plans and try to not forget all the crazy stories I have experienced in such a short span of time. It seems like I need to put them into a book or else I go crazy. Blog posts will only do so much in capturing my insanity and there is still the huge gap of my East Coast trip in Australia that you don’t know anything about. I can tell you it was a helluva weird time.

So while my head slowly churns to cream cheese and I am living off chocolate and fruit tea, I am putting out some of my photos for you to buy and use, for instance as wallpapers, postcards or whatever you feel like. Or, even easier, you can have the photos printed for your wall, postcard and even as a pillow. (Let me know if you are interested in specific ones you found on my blog). I thought that was crazy enough, right? And if you look close enough, there are even some of my drawings mixed in there. I plan on creating some more to capture epic parts of my trip but can’t say anything specific until I catch my breath.

Oh and did you see my latest achievement? Not only are we now a little #travelbrainster community of over 10,000 (!!), but I have been awarded my very fifth award (here is #1, #2, #3 and #4 – who’s bragging?) and that one is for the top 100 travel blogs of 2015 and some more. I don’t even know how to thank you all. It is you that I am writing for (otherwise I could just doodle in my scrapbooks – such as this and this – and skim through my photo books). I love that you are enjoying my silly little stories, are joining my ride and are always there for support.

Here’s a big digital hug!!

Ein von @travelonthebrain gepostetes Foto am

But before I keep rambling on, let me just rudder back a little and tell you what else is in store for you lovely Travel on the Brain readers. While I am enjoying the summer in Germany (or the random streaks when it shows its face and isn’t freezing my summer clothes clad body), I will show you some great places to visit and recollect adventures I have had earlier in my travel life. It still amazes me how many things I can still recall of the time I explored England or road tripped through the South of Sweden and I thought you might like to know, too. After all, the summer isn’t over and if you’re in Europe a quick visit is always possible.

In autumn, my schedule will be pretty full with checking out my own country’s capital before flying off to Boston and hopping down the east coast (I sense a pattern here) down to Fort Lauderdale for an epic conference on all things travel and blogging. Catching the sun, yes, please! Be sure to watch out for treats, such as Comic Con, best ofs in New York city and Philadelphia and lots more! Not even sure what’s in store for Halloween but if I can get my hands on black eye liner and blood red lipstick, I am pretty much dressed. I can be a master chameleon.

And then, what’s next? Well, I don’t know. I have been planning and scheming but it turns out the USA is a much harder patch to plough than Australia. Not having a car is a major drawback but I am determined and we all know where that gets me. All over the world, that is. And speaking of that, the same goes for you! Remember, everything you want, really want, you need to make a master plan for, work like a maniac and chase like a coyote. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t do!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn

And now, let’s include you some more. You can decide what you want to see me do in the US as well! Are there any places you read about and would like me to take a look at and tell you about? It could be random things, like a graffiti you saw on pinterest. Or popular things, like a visit to the giant Abe Lincoln statue in Washington DC. For some reason, I really want to see the High Line in New York City. Maybe you need me to go to Richmond, Miami Beach or see the Everglades?

Have you maybe even road tripped through the USA yourself or are a resident? I know a whopping 23% are from the US and you might have some local insider knowledge to share or need some insights into future weekend getaways. Everyone is welcome to share and talk all things travel! And maybe we can even meet up along the way, I certainly am hoping to meet some of you in NYC. And then you could end up in my personal hall of fame, namely my travel scrapbooks, such as I did in Sweden and around the world.

So hit me with your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations. Let’s make this trip together a la digital age style!


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