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Rock Patrol Tour Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

[:gb]This post was sponsored. Continuing my adventures with Groovy Grape Tours, I hopped on a bus called Watto (a name known to all Star Wars fans as young Anakin’s boss/slave driver) and set out on the Rock Patrol Tour, which I had already been on two months ago, and was curious what changes in weather […]


Master Your Australian Road Trip with these Simple Unspoken Rules

Hitting the Road in Australia? Brush up on Your Road Etiquette!

Are you planning an Australian road trip? Australia basically screams for long drives and road trips. But even so, it’s not as easy as pie in such a vast and dangerous country as Australia. While keeping in mind the essentials, such as having enough fuel, supplies and staying on the roads, there is a little […]


Did You Know about Kangaroo Island that…?

[:gb] Scoring Number Three [:de] Auf Platz Nummer 3 [:gb]Kangaroo Island holds two third places at the same time. Firstly, it is the third largest island of Australia. Secondly, it is home to the third largest sea lion colony in Australia. [:de]Kangaroo Island hat gleich zwei dritte Plätze inne. Erstens ist es die drittgrößte Insel […]


Kangaroo Island Day 2 with Groovy Grape Tours

[:gb]This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. What a perfect day to explore the grand landscapes of West Kangaroo Island. We enjoyed our breakfast on a farm with chicken searching for possible food crumbs to our feet and a lazy dog basking on the grass while sheep grazed in the distance. Our first stop […]