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How to Have the Best German Christmas Markets Experience + free Guide

German Christmas Market for Rookies - Don't Leave Without Doing these 5 Things + a free downloadable guide

So you’ve heard about German Christmas markets and wonder what all the fuss is about. There probably is some sort of Christmas festivity going on in your town so why should you add yet another item to your ever growing bucketlist? Let me tell you why: because Christmas markets are the best way to get […]


How to Survive Your First Erasmus Exchange

How to Survive Your Erasmus Exchange

This has nothing to do with my current adventures but might be of value to some of my readers who are students or have friends or relatives that are. I am talking studying abroad, or Erasmus exchange to be more precise. I am passionate about all things travel and a firm believer in it being […]


Your Quick Guide to German Train Travel – It’s Trickier than You Think

Your Quick Guide to German Train Travel – It's Trickier than You Think

Updated Nov 2017. If you have been around Germans for a while you would know that our favourite pastime is not train watching like the Japanese, but to complain. And complaining about trains is high on that list. In Germany, we have one major company providing train services, Deutsche Bahn, and you will not get […]


Why You Should Try Czech Food // Sponsored

Hearty, not Healthy – How Czech Food Won Me Over

Confession time: I love unhealthy food. Well, maybe this isn’t such a big confession but after my year of travelling I seriously craved the big savoury German cuisine and dug right in into potato dumplings, lots of gravy and big meat dishes. Since I had been invited to the Czech Republic by Czech Tourism and […]